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Thank you for your support. Actually Dr. Shin Lin, Vice Principal of UCI has already prove the existence of chi, its energy points and chi channels.


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I am coming to the defence of JMJM. 'Chi' is not spirit. It is very much physical, though the mechanism has yet to be discovered by science.

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    Just like to state that I didn't get that info from the Larry King
    programme! You're right about the need to still "sit through",
    however to know that we are somehow changing our brain/thoughts
    for the positive in a concrete, physiological way frees us from a
    lot of the esoteric and ceremonial nonsense that Zen is clouded in
    (no offence meant, but 'spirit' and 'chi' could be put into that

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    Yes,  as per Larry King program, about 2-3 weeks ago, a bunch of
    scientists did say that our brain can be changed.

    Yet even if we accept this discovery, we still need to "sit through".

    Knowing any of this does not help us with any short cut.

    Words are forms.  Words are in a domain separate from the domain
    of energy and spirit.


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    On 10/19/2010 5:23 PM, mike brown wrote:
    ED, Bill, Mayka et al,
    If I can just jump in here. There is scientific data to suggest
    that the brain has a kind of plasticity and so can be
    neurologically changed according to how it is used. I think this
    is should hold a huge interest for those of us interested in
    zen/meditation. Learning to pay attention to the moment and
    letting go of negative thoughts can be seen as a 'skill' just
    like learning a language or playing the piano. If one
    incorporates sitting into their daily lives it'd be possible to
    change the physiology of the brain to better respond to
    internal/external stimuli with happier results. Zen, as an art of
    living, could then jettison all the religious mumbo-jumbo that
    it's wrapped up in now.

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