> My idea was to set the policy as : when a new major Django version is 
released, it supports all current supported versions of Python.

I agree with this — more or less...

Python 3.5 is officially supported for the entire life of Django 3.0. (It 
goes EOL a month after Django 3.0) 
(c.p [0] vs [1])

[0]: https://devguide.python.org/#status-of-python-branches
[1]: https://www.djangoproject.com/download/#supported-versions

So I think we SHOULD support Python 3.5 for Django 3.0.
(Yes, push forward, but pushing people off of supported versions seems a 
bit over-zealous, and I think we'll be shooting ourselves in the foot, due 
to the need to repeatedly handle, probably valid, pushback.)

However Django v3.1 will be released JUST A MONTH before Python v3.5 goes 
EOL. As such I don't want to support it there. 

So, phrasing... maybe... as a draft: "Typically, we will support a Python 
version unless it will be end of life before the corresponding version of 
Django is outside of mainstream support. For example, Python 3.5 security 
support ends September 2019, whilst Django 3.1 ends mainstream support in 
April 2021. Therefore Django 3.0, which is end of life August 2019 is the 
last version to support Python 3.5." 

i.e. What Claude said except "...unless it's just about to be dropped". 

I know we backported support for Python 3.7 to Django 1.11 but I think this 
should apply to the LTS as well. 

> ...they've already made the choice to prioritize stability rather than 
access to new versions, and this is the consequence of the choice...

Just as an additional point, Django third-party apps as a rule try to 
follow Django's support versions policy. (i.e. Currently supporting 1.11+) 
This works well for people. I think the situation is equivalent with 
regards to Django and Python. 

Kind Regards,


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