on 19.03.2011 20:16 Bruno Marchal said the following:

On 19 Mar 2011, at 18:04, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:


At this point I am not sure that I agree with oneness of the mind.

I have no certainty about this, *even* in the comp frame. The only
quasi-certainty is that physics is a projection of arithmetical truth
done from inside arithmetical truth by Löbian numbers.

If you understand the first person indeterminacy (that's step 3 of the
UDA), what about step 4? 5? 6?, and 7? With 7 normally you see that if
the physical (primary or not) universe is *robust* enough to run a UD,
then the reversal physics/computer science is accomplished (in a
constructive way(*)). Step 8 eliminates the assumption of robustness and
"primary existence".

As I have written, I rather follow my intuition rather than logic. So I cannot explain why I do not go further with step 4, 5, 6 and so on. It well may be that my unconsciousness do not believe in "Yes, doctor", I just do not know. For the moment, I prefer just to follow discussion.

On the other hand, I am practitioner and I like more pondering for example what happens if to put together Watson (IBM computer that won Jeopardy) and Big Dog



(*) it leads to an algorithm to extract the logic of the observable
(that is AUDA, the splitting between G/G* provide the splitting between
the communicable and the non communicable, the nuance ("Dt") separate
first person and first person plural, etc. That approach justifies and
explains, in some sense, the qualia, and the quanta as special qualia. I
did not expect this, but it is coherent with the fact that comp + non
solipsism entails "many-words" (that is multiplication of populations of
machines histories). What is lacking is an arithmetical tensor product.
But we cannot add it, we have to extract it from arithmetic if we want
to keep the theory correct with respect to the qualia. The math of
self-reference is well developed to at least formulate the problems.

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