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Outside of QTI, does anyone consider any hypothesis as 'viable' for "immortality"? I am not sure that I mean, never dying, I think I mean, some kind of continuation, beyond our current 'mortality" ? I am not meaning Uploading while still alive, or brain in a vat; but basically, an afterlife of some kind?

As I said recently, if you assume that the brain works like a (natural and material) machine, then you are confronted with many form of immortality.

I ask, realizing, that cosmology and consciousness, do not, by necessity, dovetail (UDA?).

I don't understand the meaning of that sentence. "Dovetailing" is just a technic for one program to generate and execute all programs (in all possible programming languages or universal systems). Such a program and its execution is part of the arithmetical reality, so that if you believe that "17 is prime" is true independently of you, you have to believe in an infinity of your continuations, whatever happens to you in any branches of the arithmetical reality, so you cannot avoid immortality (independently of any physical theory). More difficult is the question of what type of immortality is more probable, for example with or without amnesia, with or without a ladder of intermediate realities between "earth" and "heaven". But all such question are mathematical question, (assuming mechanism!) and no answer to such question are trivial. Strictly speaking we cannot answer them, because we cannot know for sure what is our mechanist substitution level. Intuitively, if the level is high, there are shortcut to "heaven" (the consciousness state of the virgin UM), and if the level is low, there might be a complex arithmetical "bardo thodol" with infinite sequence of lives. Some form of "intermediate after life" might depend on our ability today to convince our descendent to keep and remember and retrieve past data so that we might be reconstituted in the future. Other type of immortality, with (partial amnesia and universal reminiscence) are already available today, through meditation technic (hard and painful), or through that most amazing plant Salvia divinorum. In that case you can know you are immortal, because eternity becomes a sort of past experience, as paradoxical it might look at first sight.



I must point out that this discussion of immortality seems to imply that the mind is not subject to the limitations of the physical world.

That's a consequence of the UDA, the mind is subject to the limitations of the universal numbers and arithmetic.

It is the physical world which is subject to the limitations of the mind.

Haven't you understood that mechanism leads to a reversal between physics and number's psychology?

Things might be different if we are not machine (nor hypermachine: I use the term machine in a very weak sense).



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