On Mar 20, 1:52 am, "Stephen P. King" <stephe...@charter.net> wrote:

> might say that the "standard" of Integers is their "truth", but that
> itself is a measure requiring a standard of its own and, again, a means
> to compare the standard with the numbers. What is the "means of
> comparison"?

Hi Stephen,

I think that the means of comparison is sense. Not mere functional
detection but subjective experience which relates local detections to
the entirety of experiential possibilities. Sense is not just adding
experiences in a subjective vacuum which somehow 'make sense' to a
subject with no history, it can only make sense if it emerges out of a
context which makes sense already. We are a 'chip off the old
(timeless actually) block', and as such, we tend to recognize the old
block - especially the part we chipped off of.


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