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Personally, I find that Leibniz has given me the most satisfactory explanations 
for God's actions in this world in his theodicy. Also, his monadology can be 
used to
develop your own logical solutions to just about anything.

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On 1/3/2013 5:47 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:  
Personally, I believe  
that the "eternal torture" of Hell is not to be able to feel God's  
love and forgiveness. That would be Hell to a Jesus. He  
refers to being tossed out and undergoing a "weeping and  
gnashing of teeth".   

Heaven and Hell were invented so that injustice, so obviously missing on Earth, 
could be redressed in an afterlife.  I think it has a lake of fire because 
people didn't think 'not feeling God's love' was enough punishment for say 
Hitler.  Of course then they got carried away by superlatives, "Believe in my 
god or he'll punish you worse than your god." 

Hindus and Buddhists believe in reincarnation, which from  
what we observe, is not always a pleasant life.  

Personally I believe that Hell and Heaven are metaphors which extrapolate the 
ordinary high and low moods of human consciousness to a super-significance. God 
is a metaphor in the exact same way - an algebraic concept of X = Infinite 
proprietary superlatives. If you are in a world of competing polytheistic 
deities, each the representation of a personal superlative or sphere of 
influence (God of war, Goddess of beauty, etc), then the invention of a supreme 
ultimate deity who trumps all others in all categories is an excellent 
political strategy. It's a convenient way to consolidate allegiance and direct 
everyone's personal insecurities to a mass psychology solution. 

Right. See Craig A. James book, "The Religion Virus" for a nice explication of 


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