On 7/10/2013 2:05 PM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:
I do not exactly agree. since religion is a natural inclination, and atheists have no organized religion then the religious way of thinking permeate all their lives. I´m not trying to be pejorative. But the religious instinct in the primitive sense is not about love and compassion, but the contrary it is about fanaticism and exclusion of these that are not in agreement. And it is about sacrifices to demonstrate the worthiness of each one for the sectarian group. Chiristianity in this sense gives freedom from this primitive, sectarian, sacrifice demanding instinct and canalizes it in positive ways.

Somehow I can't see burning Bruno at the stake as positive. Or convincing Africans not to distribute condoms. Or amassing wealth for clergy. Or denying marriage to homosexuals.

I suppose that finally accepting Darwinian evolution (but only of the body) and the spheroidal earth and the germ theory of disease are great steps forward.

Without the cover of religion Catholicism would be prosecuted as a criminal 

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