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Hi John,


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        > The non-cloning theorem disallows 3)-5) at the level of the quantum 
        It's not so clear though how that is related to consciousness and 

    I disagree, I think it is very clear. If things need to be that precise, if 
a change
    in a quantum state destroys our identity then we die about 10^44 times a 
second; and
    a consciousness that never changes is not a consciousness.

Do you see consciousness as a thing or as a process?

        > Our brain is *mostly* classical.

    The real question is about our minds, and despite what some like Roger 
Penrose say I
    think our minds are probably entirely classical.

Why? If minds are classical then they are easy to copy, in principle. Why then are there not lots of John Clarks running around?

?? Didn't you notice the tension between "easy" and "in principle"? It's possible, in principle, to copy a Boeing 777, because it's a classical object. But if it were easy Boeing would be out of business.


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