On 12/20/2013 3:42 PM, John Mikes wrote:
Jason, you 'assume' a lot what I don't. I learned those figments in college and applied in my conventional research - now reduced in my credibility (agnosticism) for phizix and its 'laws' - (in spite of the practical results which I use happily in my life-practice) - as - some *explanatory sweat *to comply with (poorly if at all understood) phenomena received in formats how the actual developmental level of our mentality could handle it.

I would think twice to 'accept' an argument just to make another one acceptable.
Science means doubtfulness and we have no access to "TRUTH" - we just think of 
Computability? good method to use our brain-functions(?) to get results. I mean more than that embryonic binary boardgame we use, however a 'wider' *computability *may
include logical domains we so far did not even hear about. So beware the word.
I do not like mathematicians (the old Greeks?) from before the time when zero was invented. (maybe Bruno's simple arithmetics is an exception?).

I am not ready to debate my ideas: my "agnostic" thinking is NG for 

John, I think you must have read David Hume:

"Though the chain of arguments . . . were ever so logical, there
must arise a strong suspicion, if not an absolute assurance, that it
has carried us quite beyond the reach of our faculties, when it leads
to conclusions so extraordinary, and so remote from common life and
experience. We are got into fairy land, long ere we have reached the
last steps of our theory; and there we have no reason to trust our
common methods of argument, or to think that our usual analogies and
probabilities have any authority. Our line is too short to fathom
such abysses."


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