On 10 January 2014 14:01, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Stephen,
> There is no "single observer that can take in all events...". I never said
> that and don't believe it.
> However there has to be a single universal processor cycling for a
> computational universe to work. That single universal processor cycle is
> the present moment P-time. All computations occur simultaneously as these
> cycles occur. All individual observers, clock times etc. occur and are
> computed within this actual extant presence of the computational space of
> reality.
> There has to be a *single processor* computing *the state of the universe*

I know that's possible in principle, what with the C-T thesis and all that,
but it's a bit of a limitation to put on your ideas. (Or maybe it has 10^80
cores? :-)

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