Hi Thomas,
That's exactly what I meant when we talked last about game genres.
Final Fantasy for the blind or something like it, the Elder Scrolls series or even something like an actual audio version of Sryth. I was once there, but had not enough time for it a few years back, but exactly.
I have Entombed (I bought it).
But do you know what I don't like about it?
Every character who can use magic has one, maybe two offensive spells.
A Mage has only the firebold as an offensive spell, healers have the harm spell, shamans and druids have lightning, and the necromancer has ice blast. That's it. Other enemies can use different spells, for example elementals and you might be lucky to find a spell scroll which does alow for the one time usage of its spell. And then you have a limit. When gaining more experience you can upgrade your magic or other skills, but on normal terms you can do it to a max of level five, while some scrolls might have higher power. And the character cannot "learn" more on his or her way like from buying or finding scrolls or books or whatever to permanently gain a new power. Besides, whileit is nice to summon lesser animals like bads or some wolfes or in some cases a snake, that can't be all, regardless of if the summoner is your opponent, or you. If we are in a fantasy setting, I'd like to see more creatures and more races, dark elves, vampires etc. And when talking about magic, really defensive magic, like magical shields, spells to control NPCs for a while, spells to transform yourself or another character into an animal. And then there is combat: true elemental spells, like wind, water, fire and earth attacks. Or spells to destroy things, not only combat usable spells. And if we are at it, it is nice to use necromancy, but then with more applications so that not only goblins or rat like creatures could be your servants, but some higher things like lesser demons or something similar. I have read and seen a bit of Naruto and since then I think summoning creatures should be a bit like it in the show for an RPG, where you can summon small creatures with less energy to use up, or creatures that could help destroy artifacts, buildings or some bosses...

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