Hi Dark,

I suppose, but I still think you are comparing apples to oranges here.
I always understood games like those from Malinch entertainment to be
done deals as in already complete with no new quests or adventures
forthcoming. Besides that those are text adventures not full blown
roll playing games. which is a totally different matter here.

What I'm thinking of is alot bigger and more satisfying in terms of
gaming. i'm thinking of a roll playing game in which you purchase the
client or game and download new quests, adventures, or gamebooks as
they become available. The output would be spoken via Sapi, and
include sounds and music. this would be far more than a text
adventure. I guess its one of those things people would have to  see
it to believe it. There is too much personal bias to take my word for

Still, I take your point. A game like Sryth seems to be constantly
expanding, growing, and is updated practically every time  I log on
and play. At the same time let's remember that is his only game or
product he is working on that I know of. Even if I wrote a similar
game using php script, slapped it on the web, I wouldn 't necessarily
update it any more frequently than a stand alone game. I have other
projects to create/sell and therefore updates are on a if and when
basis regardless of format etc.

However, what I am proposing is superior to that in a lot of ways.
Number one Sapi 5 support. Everything would be self-voiced which can
be a big help because you don't have to spend time reviewing the
screen for information. The game would have hot keys like n for north,
e for east, w for west, etc. Typing one key to move in that direction
is quicker than hunting for the proper link on the page. Sounds and
music. Instead of just plan text output there would be all the sounds
and music you don't get such as swords clashing, bows and arrows being
fired, enemies dying, etc. Off line play means if you take your laptop
on a plane, train, or taxi you can play the game without an internet
connection which is a huge, huge, huge, plus in my book as I don't
have constent internet 24/7 so off line is an advantage here. In other
words what I'm talking about is not just a run of the mill text game,
but something like Entombed but more story driven like Sryth. Does
that make sense?

However, if peoples attitudes about what I'm thinking of is that bias
then I might as well not bother writing roll playing games. People are
too picky in my opinion.


On 8/14/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> as regards the text games and upgrades, I'm sorry to say that not everyone
> is as good about writing new stuff as you suggest, and certainly many stand
> alone text games I've seen have been just the one game and goodbye!.
> Look at the titles from Malinch entertainment, you pay 29 usd for an
> interactive fiction game, and that's it.
> While there are certainly developers of text based games who do update, like
> Niels bauer in the production of addons for the smugglers series, it does
> not seem half as common as with something online and web based from what
> I've seen.
> In fact, most companies who sell games online seem very much to want to
> think of them not as pieces of computer software which the user buys, but as
> similar to a games console cartridge, you pay the money, get the one game,
> that's all.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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