Hi Dark,

Makes sense. You are use to keeping track of your stats were some of
us, myself included, have gotten lazy over the years. It takes extra
work to take the dice roll, add any bonus points to it, divide by 10,
and subtract 2 etc. Its not complicated math, but if I can have a
computer calculate a combat roll in milliseconds compared to me
punching the stats into the calculater and calculating it so much the
better. It makes the game go faster and doesn't break up the fflow for
me having to calculate the stats and then write them down in Excel or
whatever I'm using to keep track of my character stats. That's why I
think whatever gamebooks I ever produce will involve some kind of

That said, I don't particularly have a problem rolling my own dice and
keeping a character sheet if the story or game is good enough. After
all its that sense of adventure and fun that is the real attraction to
any gamebook. Who knows I might create a rough draft of my ideas in
say html and submit my own gamebook ideas for publication as well.


On 8/16/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> Well if I had the skills to script stats I'd probably do that myself too,
> but as I don't it's easier to get players to do it, and because gamebooks
> can be written without knolidge of programming, it does mean people like the
> gm of chronicles of arborell, who's a truly amazing writer but has no skills
> in programming whatsoever can have their work available for people to play.
> Also, I myself don't particularly see dice rolling and keeping of a
> character sheet as actually so much work, though I have met people who
> catagorically reffuse to do it.
> I suppose sinse I have done a fair amount of tabletop rp, and indeed play a
> game of mutants and masterminds every saturday using Gma dice and ms word to
> write a character sheet, my perception might be different from other people.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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