Formatted as a single RTF file?  Dark, do you have an example of that for me to 
take a look at?  If they end up having that as a requirement, I'm sure I can 
slap a converter together and add it to DarkGrue so you can still submit your 

> Hi Tom.
> Well that was the intention, though I must confess I was
> quite pleased with some ideas that turned up in the book,
> especially towards the end when I actually was trying as
> much for disturbing as for humourus.
> The next book which I've already started the bakcground on,
> is a much more complex and serious affair, with a distinct
> main character and what is I hope a relatively unique
> setting.
> with dungeons I was as much trying to test out the program
> as anything else, i just decided it was probably good enough
> for people to enjoy reading.
> Depending upon whether I'm allowd, I'm also hopefully
> entering dungeons into the gamebook competition at
>, though sinse they usually only accept
> books formatted as a single rtf file, we'll have to see.
> Beware the grue!
> ark.
> d 

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