Since the discussion has started and since someone talked about eloquence, I have a question: is it legal or definitely illegal to let a game, or more generally, a program, connect to eloquence directly ?

I'm thinking on something I saw once some time ago: sapi-to-eloquence bridges, or script/plugins or little cheats existing for certain games that make eloquence speaking instead of sapi.

Note that all these things have in common that they doesn't embed a copy of eloquence themselves, they generally only use it if it has been installed by another program (i.e. jaws of course, but also IBM home page reader, older softwares that still use IBM viavoice, etc.)

I know that the discussion is difficult, for example the status of using eloquence with NVDA is not very clear... but I would like very much to have a clear answer about that topic, in order to be definitely fixed on what is allowed and what is not.

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