Hi Charles,

Perhaps, but its just another way to attempt to get the customer to
pay for the same product over and over again. You buy Jaws the price
of Eloquence is included in the sale. If you buy Openbook that too has
another license for Eloquence meaning you just purchased the same
sinth twice. If you go and buy the speech enabled version of Magic you
just paid for the sinth for a third time.I think Speech Works is
making quite a lot of money on that speech engine, because state
agencies are all too happy to buy Jaws, Openbook, Magic, etc for their
clients and pay for the same  speech engine over and over again. Not
that they really have a choice. Freedom Scientific, GW Micro, etc
include the cost of the license for the voices as part of the sale so
everyone ends up paying for it weather they want to or not. So I don't
think they are losing any money or sleep over their end user license.

Plus when you get down to it Speech Works happens to have a product
that is well liked. A lot of people I know agree with me that the
voices for Eloquence aren't that great, but they love the low memory
footprint, the fact it is fast and responsive, and it usually is
pretty clear when it is speeded up. So even if GW Micro, Freedom
Scientific, etc offered a version of their products without Eloquence
I'm not sure people would go for it since the RealSpeak Direct voices,
for example, sound better but are a lot more sluggish for day to day
use. So many customers might end up willing to pay a little extra for
Eloquence anyway regardless of the user license.

I myself am on a tight budget so my wife and I have cut way back on
spending. Especially, in the matter of software. Now that NVDA is out,
has become fairly decent, I've gotten use to using that for day to day
work rather than blowing a few hundred on SMA agreements for Jaws or
Window-Eyes. Frankly I can't afford it any more, and I'm not sorry to
give up Eloquence myself. For me its not worth it to continue feeding
companies like Speech Works money to maintain their proprietary
licenses, because its not fair to me or anyone else to continue paying
for the same software over and over again.


On 11/12/11, Charles Rivard <wee1s...@fidnet.com> wrote:
> Makes sense, and they are screwing themselves, aren't they?  They would sell
> more if they were more flexible, I would think.
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> you! are! finished!

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