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> Just what is the 519 error, what actually occurs that causes
> Retrospect to report it and how come it requires a restart of the Mac
> in order to get its network running again?

Before the guys at Dantz get back from the holiday, I'll let you in on a
little secret  519 errors are some of the most common. They are not caused
by Retrospect, just found by it.

Retrospect is very demanding. It requires that everything be right in your
machine and network setup (Imagine that).

If you are having 519 errors, there is a problem in your setup, either
hardware, software or network. You most likely either have a SCSI problem
(which was the case the last time I had a 519, termination problems), a
system incompatibility (sometimes a corrupt system or mismatched components
(like OS 8.5 with ASIP 5 (that was pretty stupid)) or a network problem
(replace those old hubs with switches, which creates more potential

Dantz has an in depth technical not on 519 errors at:


Good hunting.

BTW, why are we all at our computers this morning? Isn't this supposed to be
a holiday?


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