Re: Open FAQ/wiki somewhere?

2008-11-20 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Casper, Have you seen the reference library documentation on the main wiki: Any one can create an account and then edit the wiki pages. Mike In Wicket in Action it's mentioned briefly how one could use a SimpleAttributeModifier to

Re: Is there any other way? DataProviders must hit the Db twice for (possible) large datasets

2008-11-26 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Wayne, The way we do it is to only extract the current page from the data provider once per render cycle. e.g. the first time size() is called the underlying extraction is performed to build the list for the size of the current page and all subsequent calls use this cached value. You

Re: getting ip address from URIRequestTargetUrlCodingStrategy

2008-11-27 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Stefan, You can get the IP address that sent the request like this: WebRequest wr = (WebRequest) RequestCycle.get().getRequest(); String originatingIPAddress = wr.getHttpServletRequest().getRemoteHost(); You can probably place it directly in the decode(...) method of your url coding

Re: Integrating Scheduler into Web Application

2008-12-11 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Spring ships with a FactoryBean for the Scheduler see I guess it depends on the persistence strategy your jobs have but it could be as easy as injecting the spring managed scheduler bean

Re: Setting a relevant value for radio buttons without using RadioChoice

2008-12-12 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi ArchieC, The way RadioGroup works is that it renders to a hidden field and stores the selected value of the selected Radio. i.e. the rendered markup is not that relevant and the model object for the selected radio will be placed into the model for the RadioGroup when the form submits.

Re: Setting a relevant value for radio buttons without using RadioChoice

2008-12-12 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Nino, I believe that this is not what Archie asked about, he wanted to place database id's in the value of the radios.. Dont know why he wanted to though... I might have gotten it wrongly though.. You're right that he wanted to use the database id but from his example there didn't seem

Re: Filtering data in DataTable

2008-12-22 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, I don't know of any stock component that does this but it should be straight forward to create a component that supports it. What I'd do for this case is create a text field for the value input, drop down choice for the less than, greater than and equals options. The model

Re: debugging

2008-12-23 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Björn, If your project is configured to use maven then you can use the m2eclipse plugin to invoke the jetty:run target which will run in the debugging perspective. For me I get dynamic code replacement, markup file changes, etc handled without needing to

Re: Update number of login users in all user's page when new user login

2009-01-13 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, You need a static (singleton) counter somewhere that is incremented when a user is authenticated and decremented when the session is destroyed. One way would be to have a static AtomicLong in your WebApplication subclass; or a spring bean; or via persistence for an authenticated

Re: Performance question

2009-01-21 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, A big delay in refreshing can be a sign that your pages are serializing your domain object graph as part of the page serialization process. In my case it turned out that my AJAX autocompleting search page was serializing a 50MB in memory index on each update. I would investigate

Re: How to make a popup page for exception handling?

2009-01-22 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Mo, I tried them, I can generate the modal Window. but the AjaxLink is not submit link for a form. I need to show the error message only if there is form processing error. Should I use AjaxSubmitLink instead? or do you have some examples similar to this condition? If the alerts you want

Re: Pagination in wicket

2009-01-23 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
You can also check out this wiki page: Basically the DefaultDatatable takes: 1. an array of TableColumn extending classes that are used to build the cell component and connect the row object (typically each column would be

Re: Hold a reference to a Spring bean in Wicket components

2009-02-24 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Valentine, If you for example have spring inject a dependency into your WebApplication instance and then pass this into a page like: private SpringBean serviceReference; public MyPage () { SpringBean bean = ((MyApplication)Application.get()).getNonProxiedSpringBean();

Re: FeedbackPanel and Wizard

2009-02-27 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, I think you can just call FeedbackPanel.setFilter(IFeedbackMessageFilter filter) and pass in a filter that will just reject everything like: new IFeedbackMessageFilter() { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; public boolean accept(FeedbackMessage message)

Re: openstreetmap in openlayers

2009-03-04 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Pink tiles means there is a mismatch somewhere between your layers. Does your openlayers javascript work correctly? (i.e. when not emitted from wicket openlayers?) This page embeds an openstreet map in openlayers: But it doesn't use the

Re: Bingind a bean that has getters, but no setters

2009-03-24 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Andrea, I'm trying to make a component that edits the corners of a rectangle. The model of this component should be a JTS Envelope class: This class has getters for

Re: Add a component to a page without a markup in the page's html

2008-07-09 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Your javascript isn't really a wicket component so you should implement it as a behaviour then add it onto the page. e.g. page.add (javascriptBehaviour); This way your js code can be written into the header and if you register the onload hook the rendering can be done automatically

Re: Search and Display Results on same page[Ajax or No Ajax]

2008-07-11 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, I think your problem is in how you define the search criteria pojo model: final IModel addContactInfoModel = new LoadableDetachableModel() { protected Object load() { ContactInfoPOJO modelObject =

Toronto, Canada Wicket Contract Job

2008-07-17 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, I scanned nabble first and job related posts seem to be allowed so here is mine: I work for a research group at the University of Toronto (St. George Campus). We have just posted two Wicket development jobs (see: They are short

Re: Bypass validation conditionally

2008-09-08 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, You need to create a custom tab panel that will render all the tabs when the page is rendered but only the active tab will have the 'display: block' set which effectively hides the others. Tab switching uses javascript for the 'onclick' action for the tab links to switch which of the

Re: Hibernate + HTML-Table

2008-10-09 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Björn-Peter, Have a look at DefaultDataTable which is part of the wicket-extensions module |*DefaultDataTable

Re: DataTable cell link

2008-10-28 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Daniel, If you subclass DefaultDataTable there is a protected method call newCellItem(...) that you can use to attach the onclick class onto the td. like: class MyDataTable extends DefaultDataTable { /* (non-Javadoc) * @see

Re: How to tackle Ajax Flooding

2009-08-31 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Tom, It sounds like you are doing too much in your heavy Ajax requests. You should consider changing how it works so that the process can be started by the Ajax request but does not need to block other ajax requests while waiting for the results. You can use a progress bar to denote to

Re: using a panel inside dropdown

2009-09-03 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Look at SelectOptions and SelectOption in wicket-extensions they give more control over the structure of the HTML select/select that is ultimately rendered. SelectOption does extend WebMarkupContainer so it should be possible to add your panel to the option and have it included

Re: Client-side treeView

2009-10-06 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Paul, What I would do would be to find a javascript implementation that does what you want and then have the selection events fill in a hidden field which will then be available on the server side when the form is posted. This would be similar to how the Palette works in

Re: Client-side treeView

2009-10-06 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
PaulH98 wrote: Michael O'Cleirigh wrote: Hi Paul, What I would do would be to find a javascript implementation that does what you want and then have the selection events fill in a hidden field which will then be available on the server side when the form is posted. This would

Re: how to get TextField value which belongs to the first tab when click on the button which belongs to tabbedpanel

2009-10-07 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Jerry, Your implementation isn't working because: 1. tabs have to be contained with in the form to be part of the submission: form wicket:id=form div wicket:id=tabs[tabbed panel will be here]/div input wicket:id=buttonsave

Re: AjaxSelfUpdatingBehavior and nested values updating

2009-10-07 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Wojtek, Create a panel that contains the setup to present the properties of your Point class. Add the 'AjaxSelfUpdatingTimerBehavior' to the panel. So long as the PointPanel is setup properly using an IModelPoint implementation that knows how to populate itself and the nested fields

Re: Showing Modal window within a wizard step

2009-10-08 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Jeffrey, Due to the way pages are serialized models don't work right is shared between pages. There are two kinds of modal windows and one of them is a page that is rendered on your page through an IFRAME. If the model data is not appearing its because you are using the page type. You

Re: Multiple AttributeModifier-s on a single tag

2009-10-23 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Wojtek, Use the SimpleAttributeAppender from wicketstuff-misc: org.wicketstuff.misc.behaviors.SimpleAttributeAppender Here is the maven dependency detail: dependency groupIdorg.wicketstuff/groupId artifactIdmisc/artifactId version1.4-SNAPSHOT/version

Re: When NOT to use models ?

2009-10-24 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Martin, I saw the same type of behavior you are talking about with LoadableDetachableModels not detaching but AbstractReadOnlyModel's working properly. What I found was that I was instantiating my LDM's as private variables in my custom components but that they were not being detached.

Re: How to have a RenderedDynamicImageResource with transparent background?

2009-10-28 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Reinhard, You need to seperate your image generating logic from the wicket Image Resource. I'd create a test program or unit test to build verify that the image you want is being built correctly and then bind it into wicket. For example you can just use a BufferedDynamicImageResource

Re: Any issues using @SpringBean in WebApplication

2009-10-28 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
You could use the @Autowired Spring annotation and the autowire=byType attribute to the bean definition to support autowiring to get the same effect as @SpringBean brings in Components. e.g. bean autowire=byType / Regards, Mike I was always thinking that

Re: Force page reload/re-render

2009-11-10 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Pieter, Components that have .setVisible(false) will never be evaluated again automatically. You need to call .setVisible(true) on all that apply. One way would be control visibility in the base panel by overriding onBeforeRender() to handle all the cases in one place. e.g. class

[Announce] First release of datatable-autocomplete wicketstuff module

2009-12-13 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, I've just committed the first version of the datatable-autocomplete module into the wicketstuff-core project at It is licensed under the Apache License version 2. The main use for this project is to have quick AJAX lookups for large static datasets. It includes a

Re: Ajax refresh component

2009-03-27 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Your problem is that you calling setOutputMarkupId(true) on the wrong panel (you are calling it on LawView page constructor where in fact it should be called on the component that is added to the ajax request target, LawPanel). Also I think the updated panel has to replace the current

Re: How do I call alert(); rather than using .info or .error of Component

2009-03-30 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi John, Normally the error, info, fatal messages on Component enter the message into the List of Feedback messages in the Session. The messages are accumulated during the pre render phase of the request cycle and then the entire list is detached at the end of the request cycle. see

Re: How To Download Excel File?

2009-03-31 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Wadi, The easy way is to have the conversion to xls occur within the link action (extracting from db and storing to a temporary file in XLS format). then you can use a DownloadLink with the model set to the File (generatedXLSFileName). If it is not tied to some other process you will

Re: Ajax + DropDownChoice + ModalWindow

2009-04-29 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
I remember reading that to make AJAX work in a ModalWindow you need to use a PageCreator (and add the panel into the page) instead of just adding the panel. This is how we do it and AJAX works properly; I think its because window content is actually through an IFRAME to the created page.

Re: How to manipulate values in a data table?

2009-05-06 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, The easy way is to create a custom column and use that to convert the value. i.e. extend ProperyColumn and override the protected IModel? createLabelModel(IModelT rowModel) method such that it converts the inner value (0 or 1) into the string value you want.

Re: Datatable columns converter

2009-05-12 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Alfredo, This question came up last week aswell, here is an example of how you to subclass PropertyColumn to convert an integer into an arbitrary string: Essentially you wrap the PropertyModel with a

Re: refresh page

2009-06-11 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Luther, If I add a few values to a page div ala an Ajax button - and the user hits refresh on the page, the new values I've added go away. The user is completing a form - but hasn't formally submitted the form yet - so there is nothing stored in the database yet. The browser naturally

Re: Radio and Radio Group problems

2009-07-15 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, I don't think you need to track the selected (true/false) state your self. Let the radio group model do it automatically for you like: listLanguages.add(new NameWrapper(English, en, ); listLanguages.add(new NameWrapper(German, de, )); listLanguages.add(new NameWrapper(French, fr, ));

Re: Save CSS/StyleSheet in Database ?

2009-07-22 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Farhan, You should create an IRequestTargetUrlCodingStrategy implementation to serve the CSS from the database. It should work to mount the strategy on something like '/custom-user-css' and then user the rest of the path as the options for say the user and version of the css to load.

Re: Save CSS/StyleSheet in Database ?

2009-07-23 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Farhan, Can you please send me the sample codes of your implementation for Images ? I also want dynamic images to be displayed on my web page. I tried to condense what I did into an email but that grew too big. I've put up the important classes onto the Wicket Wiki here:

Re: Onclick method for DefaultDataTable cells

2009-07-30 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Another way is to add an onclick listener to each row in the table by overriding newRowItem(...) in DefaultDataTable like this: DefaultDataTable table = new DefaultDataTableLocationsEntity(datatable, columns, locationsProvider, 10) { @Override protected

Re: Palette: access selected/clicked item

2010-02-19 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Inside the Palette there is a RecorderT which is basically a customized HiddenField that holds the id of each selected element. /** * Returns recorder component. Recorder component is a form component used to track the * selection of the palette. It receives

Re: Palette: access selected/clicked item

2010-02-19 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
'filename'. This property i want to feed into an Image component to have it display the corresponding image to the selected item in the Palette. Am 19.02.2010 14:34, schrieb Michael O'Cleirigh: getRecorderComponent().add(new FormComponentUpdatingBehavior(onchange

Re: Print friendly panel

2010-02-26 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Josh, I'd create a PrinterFriendlyPage and then use a customized Link from the NotPrinterFriendlyPage to have it open in a new window. Link has this public method where you can setup the PopupSettings class that seems to provide the configuration hooks for how the popup should work when

Re: Interaction behavior / site

2010-03-11 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Thorsten, The content of the tooltip should be a panel. The panel's model can contain the ListInteger of the increases you want offered and then it can use a repeater or ListView to render each option. If the links were AjaxLink subclasses you could set their model to be the particular

Re: Does AjaxSelfUpdatingBehavior simulate user actions and prevent session from expiration?

2010-03-16 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Martin, AjaxSelfUpdatingTimerBehavior has an method called onPostProcessTarget(...); its is called each time the ajax request hits the server side. You will want to add your timeout detection here. You don't need to turn off the behavior. You can just invalidate the session directly

Re: Wicketstuff versioning

2010-03-23 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, I'd like the trunk to follow the latest wicket release since when wicketstuff-core is released it is meant to be paired with the current wicket release. i.e. not 1.4-SNAPSHOT but 1.4.7, 1.4.8, 1.4.9 and eventually into 1.5RC1, etc. Envisioned Process for 1.4.8 Wicket Release: 1.

Re: Adding attributes to child components in a behavior.

2010-04-15 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Warren, The way I normally handle this situation is to create a javascript emitting behaviour that is attached to the container. This behaviour will emit the necessary javascript method to do what you need to do. Then for each child component you can use an AttributeModifier to write

Re: AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior and id attribute

2010-04-22 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, I can see two options but there are probably others aswell: 1. emit the id value of the input tag so your javascript will be able to find it. 2. change your CSS to style on the class of the tag vs the id. For 1, I would : add a behviour like this to your TextField: new

Re: loadable detached models and versioning

2010-05-12 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Another option would be to make your detachable model aware of the version aswell as the id which will allow you to catch this case. Process: Cache the version aswell as the object id. Then either do a query to make sure the cached version is still valid or wait until after the

Re: Check and CheckGroup

2010-05-14 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Zilvinas, The Model for a CheckGroup is a CollectionT; I looked in Check.onComponentTag(...) in Eclipse and it shows that it emits the checked tag if the model object of the Check is contained in the CheckGroup's collection. But you should only really need to use the CollectionT returned

Re: Best practises question

2010-05-15 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, I'm not sure on the answer to your question about the anonymous inner class but in general sharing models between pages can be a bad idea. The memory issues comes into play if the IModel is like Model and the contained object is not transient (it is serialized as part of the page).

[NOTICE] wicketstuff-core artifacts now available through

2010-05-22 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, There was discussion on about migrating away from self hosted developer tools (jira, wiki and maven repository) for Because I wanted SNAPSHOTS of wicketstuff to be generating and Teamcity keeps getting banned by sourceforge I've done the setup

[Vote] Release wicketstuff-core 1.4.7

2010-05-22 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, I was able to successfully stage a release for wicketstuff-core 1.4.7 into the infrastructure. All of the 1.4.7 artifacts can be retrieved from this staging repository: This is the

[announce] wicketstuff-core 1.4.7 released

2010-05-24 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Based on the positive reception for a 1.4.7 wicketstuff-core release, 4 positive votes (3 + mine) and no negative, I promoted the staged release into the sonatype repository and filed the ticket for central sync up. The sync up has now occurred and the 1.4.7 artifacts are available

Scheduling the 1.4.8 and 1.4.9 wicketstuff-core releases

2010-05-25 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Now that wicketstuff-core 1.4.7 is released I want to schedule when the 1.4.8 and 1.4.9 releases should be performed to give everyone enough time to get their changes in and do any related testing. I think separate branching could be an option but we should wait until after we catch

[wicketstuff-core] trunk is now 1.4.10-SNAPSHOT and branches are in place to allow subsequent releases per wicket release

2010-05-28 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Based on the feedback I received on when to cut the 1.4.8 and 1.4.9 releases I have decided to perform them now versus later. I have created branches for each wicket version starting from 1.4.7 through 1.4.9. 1.4.7 line :

[Vote] release wicketstuff-core 1.4.8 and 1.4.9

2010-05-28 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, I've created a new template for wicketstuff-core releases. After every wicket release we will create a branch from trunk that locks in the wicket version and cut a matching release like wicketstuff-core-1.4.9. At a certain point in time (either a window of time to be determined) or

[Announce] Wicketstuff-core 1.4.8 and 1.4.9 released

2010-05-30 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Based on the 2 positive votes (+my vote) and because any problems with these releases can be fixed with a point release I've promoted the 1.4.8 and 1.4.9 staged wicketstuff-core releases into the central maven repository. Release artifacts are now available automatically through maven

[wicketstuff-core] planning a point release next week.

2010-06-04 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, For release I'm doing at work I need to generate a wicketstuff-core release. I see that there have been some updates to trunk (1.4.10-SNAPSHOT) so if you would like these changes to be included in the this point release please back port your changes to the 1.4.9 branch.

Re: [wicketstuff/wicket-contrib-jasperpreports] Is anyone supporting this?

2010-06-08 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Charles, As long as wicketstuff-core builds locally with wicket-contrib-jasperreports in the core pom (as a module) you can commit the core pom. I have a hudson instance running that will build and auto deploy into the sonatype snapshot repository a 1.4.10-SNAPSHOT version of your

Re: wicketstuff-repo

2010-06-15 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, The release artifacts for wicketstuff-core since 1.4.7 have been deployed through sonatype and are available through maven central. This is only for the projects in wicketstuff-core directory structure, if you are looking at one of the

[announce] wicketstuff-core released

2010-06-15 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, I've staged and promoted a new release of wicketstuff-core version It is available in maven central now. All of the artifacts are available from maven central like this: dependency groupIdorg.wicketstuff/groupId artifactIddatatable-autocomplete/artifactId

Re: Autoupdate Components of a ParentPage within a Ajax Request

2010-06-18 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
On 06/18/2010 09:43 AM, peer wrote: Hi Wickets, My initial situation: A ParentPage which contains a TabbedPanel with tabs. On the Parent Page is a Feedbackpanel which works globally and displays every error message. The tabs in the TabbedPanel don't know anything about the Feedbackpanel of the

Re: Submitting a component value on a ajax call of a different component

2010-06-24 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, What you need to do is add a parameter to the url of the behaviour. But the trick is that you don't attach a fixed string but rather an otherFieldValue=' + document.getElementById(otherFieldComponentMarkupID).value which will use javascript to extract the current value of the

[announce] wicketstuff-core released

2010-07-21 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, I've staged and promoted a new wicketstuff-core version and it is available through maven central now. The artifacts can be retrieved like this: dependency groupIdorg.wicketstuff/groupId artifactIddatatable-autocomplete/artifactId version1.4.9.2/version /dependency The

Re: How to call javascript from panel constructor

2010-07-26 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, You need to use a behaviour in your panel to emit the javascript. panel.setOutputMarkupId (true); panel.setOutputMarkupIdPlaceholder(true); panel.add(new AbstractBehaviour () { public void renderHead(IHeaderResponse response) { // markupid is determined for this

[wicketstuff-core] Notice of java5/java6 restructuring ahead of 1.4.10 release

2010-08-10 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, With wicket 1.4.10 almost here I am taking steps to get wicketstuff-core trunk to compile again. I have added profiles into the wicketstuff-core/pom.xml to allow building some modules using java5 and others using java6 but for release purposes I need to change the structure to

Re: [wicketstuff-core] Notice of java5/java6 restructuring ahead of 1.4.10 release

2010-08-10 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, I have committed the changes related to moving the modules into seperate directories. Right now the hudson build server is not building snapshots correctly but I have just run through deploying them manually. I also have to fine tune how the maven compiler plugin is configured as

[announce] wicketstuff-core 1.4.10 released

2010-08-12 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Since wicket 1.4.10 was released this week it follows that a wicketstuff-core release is due as well. The branch for is located here: And the release tag:

[Vote] wicketstuff-core structure to support wicket 1.5 related development

2010-08-13 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, With the first milestone of wicket 1.5 released there has been some interest expressed for a corresponding wicketstuff-core branch. Because wicket 1.5 is basically experimental right now I'm not sure if switching trunk to track it is the best idea. But eventually trunk will track

[Notice] wicketstuff-core trunk is now tracking wicket 1.5-SNAPSHOT

2010-08-16 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Based on the vote there were 3 votes for and none against. All those who voted wanted trunk to track 1.5-SNAPSHOT versus a stable milestone. I have created a branch to track wicket 1.4-SNAPSHOT here:

Re: Wicket + Eclipse + Tomcat

2010-08-21 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, If you are ok with using Jetty then I think the jetty:run plugin is the best way. With the m2eclipse plugin ( you are able to launch war artifacts directly in debug mode. Most dynamic stack replacements work and all that is

Re: DropDownChoice - how to select default item

2010-09-01 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, You should use a DropDownChoiceAccount and use the constructor that takes an IChoiceRendererAccount which allows you to define: 1. the text that is output for the account 2. the value that is output in the html for the account. This would be the place to pull out the long. I think

Re: DB lookup time-out within DataTable Iterator

2010-09-07 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Frank , Are you sure that your dao is setting max results on the underlying query? The provider.iterator(...) should only be returning the current page values and typically the page size would be small like 25 to 100. Also it depends on your backend database since I know that some

Re: wicketstuff repo down again

2010-09-07 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Steve, Wicketstuff-core artifacts have been released through the repository and into central since version 1.4.7. (with the latest being See: Snapshots are here:

Re: Issue Javascript command from Wicket

2010-09-09 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
You can use the AjaxRequestTarget to emit javascript back to the browser like this: target.prependJavascript(alert('sent from the server');); Typically you would have placed the javascript method definitions into the page so they would exist already in the browsers DOM and then you would

[announce] wicketstuff-core 1.4.11 released

2010-09-10 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Last night I cut a matching wicketstuff-core release for wicket 1.4.11. The stable branch for is located here: I will plan on releasing the point release within

Re: [announce] wicketstuff-core 1.4.11 released

2010-09-10 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Nino, Since I've begun picking up wicket 1.5.. Should we have a wicket stuff core 1.5? I could do some porting if needed? The wicketstuff-core trunk is tracking wicket-1.5-SNAPSHOT and hudson is building it ( even though I don't think anything can be built right

Re: [wicket newbie] - appending query parameter to ajax link

2010-09-13 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
I think its easier to attach an ajax behaviour to the text field (like onkeyup) that will push the changes to wicket for validation. You can use target.addComponent(indicator) to get the indication to be shown based on the results of the validation. Look at subclassing

Preparing wicketstuff-core for wicket 1.5

2010-09-13 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, wicketstuff-core trunk started tracking wicket 1.5-SNAPSHOT when the first milestone was released. Now that the second milestone will be out soon I think its time to start working on making the wicketstuff-core projects work with wicket 1.5. I've just committed some changes to trunk

[announce] wicketstuff-core 1.4.12 released

2010-09-16 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, I've cut a matching release for wicket 1.4.12 that has just shown up in the maven central repositories. The stable branch for is located here: I will plan on releasing

Re: Inter-Component Validation (or how to marry two strangers)

2010-09-22 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi, You could look at creating a custom subclass of FormComponentPanel that would contain both panel A and panel B. Then for its validation you would process the checks that depend on the valid values from A and B. This way you don't need any type of hack and the data is naturally

Re: StackOverFlowError

2010-09-23 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Pages are serialized at the end of the request cycle (this includes at the end of ajax requests) Look at AbstractPageStore.serializePage(...) Specificically the call to Objects.objectToByteArray(page.getPageMapEntry()) which turns the page into a bytearray.

Re: onmouseover menu

2010-09-24 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, Look into overriding dataTable.newRowItem (..) like this: protected ItemT newRowItem(final String id, int index, final IModelT model) { ItemTitem = new ItemT(id, index, model); item.add (new MyBehaviour(index, model)); } Then create a behaviour to implement

Re: Wicket Push for Java 5?

2010-09-29 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Sebastian, Its related to the dependencies of the wicketstuff-push. When I switched the wicketstuff build to use a real JDK 5 instead of JDK 6 in compatibility mode errors like this were seen: [INFO] [INFO] Error

Re: Wicket Push for Java 5?

2010-09-30 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
: Hi Mike, thanks for your resoponse. Maybe you can just have the push-comet module being compiled with Java 6? I am using the push.timer implementation currently. I recompiled it using Java5 and it works fine. Regards, Seb On 29.09.2010 19:55, Michael O'Cleirigh wrote: Hi Sebastian, Its

Re: Programmatically change an HTML attribute value.

2010-09-30 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
How about using a WebMarkupContainer? Then you can use an attribute modifier like the below example to set the class value. All you have to do is make the new component heirarchy match the markup heirarchy. div wicket:id=styler class=foo table form wicket:id=form ... /form /table /div

Re: Workflow diagrams in wicket?

2010-10-01 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi I don't think there is any wicket implementation right now. But you can probably build something to do it. It looks like there are JSF components (I assume that you are looking for the same kind of wicket integration) that allow diagram creation. If you have access to the source you

Re: Initialization/Business Logic code before page loads

2010-10-06 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, There is a sixth option, look at Component.onInitialize() which was added recently (in July 2010) to 1.4.x which lets you initialize the component after it has been added to the page. If you need to access state in the page and aren't passing a model through to your component this

Re: Problem with IHeaderResponse.renderOnEventJavascript

2010-10-13 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hello, You can use: textfield.add (new AttributeModifier (onkeydown, true, if (window.event.altKey){if (window.event.keyCode == 80){document.getElementById(' + link.getMarkupId() + ').onclick();}}); If you do this within the Component.onInitialize() you will have the true markupid of the

Re: Accessing the cells in a row of a DataTable

2010-10-21 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi Mark, The cell's of a datatable are created by the IColumn. So you need to create a wrapping object or additional IModel that contains the edit-ability of each row and then use that inside the populateItem(...) method of the column to figure out which case to show (i.e. the label or the

Re: wicket-push upgrade to 1.4.12 ContinuationCometdServlet class not found

2010-10-22 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi, The wicketstuff push in 1.4.8 used jetty 6 (with the org.mortbay... package naming) where as the 1.4.12 release uses jetty 7 (with the org.eclipse.jetty ... package naming. I don't think the exact class you are looking for exists anymore. Here is the relevant section from the

Re: how to add ImageAjaxLink into datatable???

2010-10-25 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
Hi, The Column provides the component that is used for the cell in the table. Look at subclassing property column and overriding this method: public void populateItem(ItemICellPopulatorT item, String componentId, IModelT rowModel) { item.add(new Label(componentId,

Re: Wicket Stuff TinyMCE Update?

2010-10-29 Thread Michael O'Cleirigh
you access to svn. as far as builds, Michael O'Cleirigh takes care of those on regular basis. you might want to talk to him if you want more details. -igor On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 10:05 AM, Josh wrote: I would be willing to do so, at least temporarily. How do I get

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