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I'm sorry, I'm just not understanding what you're saying - I need you to restate it using different wording rather than just repeating yourself. I don't understand the naming conflict between ASF VCL and NCSU's install of VCL (keep in mind the content at vcl.ncsu.edu will be changed to refer to development of VCL being at ASF and stuff at vcl.ncsu.edu to just be an install of it). It seems to me, the Blackboard example I gave above exactly matches our situation. If it can work for them, why can it not work for VCL? If you don't think it matches our situation, please clearly state how and why
you don't think it matches.

Matt and Kevan - Do you understand what Alan is saying? If so, as our other
two mentors, can you help to clarify it?

Heh. Pull me in from the sidelines...

Perhaps an example would be useful.

There are multiple cases where Open Source projects have moved to Apache and maintained their name. For example, both OpenEJB and ActiveMQ were Codehaus projects. They both entered Apache Incubator. There was a period of time where there were (some) activities at both Codehaus OpenEJB/ActiveMQ and within the corresponding Apache Incuabator projects. However, over time, the projects were solely focused on the Apache Incubator. You can find some vestiges of the old Codehaus projects, but essentially the Codehaus projects no longer exist.

So, is there a similar situation for VCL? It's been my impression that a public facing NCSU 'VCL' entity was going to continue, along with the Apache VCL project. If this is the case, then there would seem to be a problem.

So, is there still going to be a public facing 'NCSU VCL' project? It's been my impression that there would be.

Doing some research, http://vcl.ncsu.edu tells me that "Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) is a remote access service..." Virtual Computing Lab and (VCL) seem to be somewhat synonymous.

So, can you give us an idea on how you intend to break yourself from the current situation? Things like: "NCSU Virtual Computing Lab: powered by Apache VCL"? And usage of "VCL" on your web site will be replaced by either "Virtual Computing Lab" or "Apache VCL", as appropriate? The fact that the two terms appear to have been used synonymously, would seem to complicate matters.


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