'Atrocities' from your perspective and mine, but not necessarily from
their own perspectives.

They might well have believed that they 'were doing the right thing'
like GWB and Tony Blair said they they were doing when they unleashed
the invasion of Iraq with 'shock and awe', which invasion has resulted
in horrendous destruction in Iraq, and the deaths of hundreds of
thousands of Iraqi Muslims.


--- In, Anthony Wu <wu...@...> wrote:
Bill,   Chris' theory applies to you and Chris himself, but not to
someone like Hitler or Pol Pot. They committed atrocities without
compunction. No suffering in any part of their bodies and minds.  

        As most of you already know I believe karma as understood of a
kind of 'spiritual cause-and-effect' is illusory - both the short- and
long-term version.

I do, however, think Chris' interpretation below that identifies karma
as part of the action (instead of a result of the action) has a lot of
merit. If I were to believe in karma it would be something along these


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