To eat the peach or make do with the picture of a lovely peach. It is a
daily choice we face.

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Hello again Dave.

I haven´t read any comment from you or anyone else about video suggestion
"Thich Nhat Hanh, with the tittle "simple mindfulness" to be found in the
google videos department.  However, I have been reading some of the
responses talking involving mindfulness subject.  Some of those responses
are intellectual assumptions about what is mindfulness about and others are
a sharing of personal experience from the one or ones who posted it.

As a person whose teaching of mindulness transmited directly by zen ven.
Master Thich Nhat Hanh, it feels as my moral  responsibility to encourage
you to watch and listen with attention the dharma talk by Thich Nhat Hanh in
the way I previously advice you to do so or you run the risk of getting
mentally entangled with different information about mindfulness but not
having in you the real practise for it, the tool that will lead you to open
the door of mindfulness.

 I wish not to put more ideas in your head or anyone else about this subject
and just to give an starting clue key about it: "Mindfulness is to be aware
of all what is going on within and around oneself".  I believe that this
sentence and the video adviced to be watched can help you and all not to get
lost in mental entertainment about mindfulness.  It´s very important that
you understand that no matter how appealing or pleasant to the intellectual
mind can be some posting, the only way to truly understand what is
mindfulness about is by putting straight away into practise.  It´s in the
fruits as a result of that practise that mindfulness can be understood
beyond any intellectual as it´s, as everything else in zen, a direct

Much, much short cut to  eat the peach rather than to have the poetry and
much more often the speculation by the ones who read a lot about   what look
like the  taste of the peach but never tried, tasted or even see a peach in
their life.


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