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> I apologize if I have violated the current cultural mores, Ed. 
Understanding group norms has always been a thing I stumble over, I can
use all the hints I can get.

No problem. With 'right intention'  everything anyone says on the Zen
Forum can be turned into an edifying conversation.

> I do not mean to tell you Ed to sit zazen.

Even if you did so repetitiously, my mission would be to discover even
more teachings for myself in your goadings. ;-)

> I simply mean that thinking about things and experiencing things are
different.  Even experiencing thinking is different from thinking about
thinking.  I may have been hoping to let the lurkers know my observation
that sittting zazen does make the shift in attention easier, so I notice
the experiencing before it is covered up in thinking easier when I've
sat recently).

I fully endorse your and Mayka's exhortations for anyone and everyone to
do as much Zazen as they possibly can.  --ED

> I certainly enjoy the to and fro of verbal interchanges.
> Thanks,  --Chris

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Scrutinizing the peach and biting into it are not mutually exclusive
choices for different points in time.

The 'choice' one makes for any moment in time is whatever appears to
oneself to be the most appropriate choice for that moment.

Almost anyone here could give others repetitious advice on how to run
their lives, and their intentions, like those of fundamentalist
religionists, would no doubt be motivated by good intentions; but,
guided by current cultural mores, at least in English-speaking
countries, most abstain from such well-intentioned speech.

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> Indeed Chris.  We always have a choice.

> --- On Sun, 9/1/11, Chris Austin-Lane ch...@... wrote:
> To eat the peach or make do with the picture of a lovely peach. It is
a daily choice we face.

> On Jan 8, 2011 11:18 PM, "Maria Lopez" flordel...@... wrote:
> Much, much short cut to  eat the peach rather than to have the poetry
and much more often the speculation by the ones who read a lot about 
what look like the taste of the peach but never tried, tasted or
even see a peach in their life.

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