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On Feb 15, 6:13 pm, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:
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In science we never know if our premisses and conclusions are
true or

I can still resist the conclusion by *believing* Platonism
to be false, while believing comp to be true.

"platonism" is ambiguous.

I mean and have always meant mathematical Platonism

But you talk on a paper with a different terminology.

What paper? The Klein paper doesn't mention it.

We were talking on the UDA+MGA argument of sane04, albeit MGA refers to the presentation that I have presented on this list, well, about two years ago.

You are
confusing people.

Any way, you can resist any conclusion in
science with some ad-hoc philosophy.

There is nothing unscientific in the attitude
the immaterial things don't exist.

Right, but irrelevant.

So you are not saying something
informative here.
Ad without a minimal amount of arithmetical realism you cannot
Church thesis,

A formalist can endorses anything with no ontological
realism whatsoever. All that is left without any ontological
realism is a formal axiom of bivalence

... which added to the theological bet "yes doctor" entails that
materialism, to explain matter,  is not better than vitalism to
explain life.

Materialism can solve WR just fine

Not in a way compatible with CT+YD (that's the point). Or there is something wrong in UDA+MGA. Up to now, your move consists in saying that seven is unreal and that mathematics is fiction. If mathematics is fiction, Church thesis is senseless, and CT is part of making sense of "digital" in "digital mechanism".



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