On Thursday, August 30, 2012 2:01:45 PM UTC-4, Alberto G.Corona wrote:
> I think that there are many tries to separate moral from ethics: 
> indiividual versus social, innate versus cultural, emotional versus 
> rational etc.  The whole point is to obviate the m*** world as much as we 
> can, under the impression that moral is subjective and not objetive, or 
> more precisely that there is no moral that can be objective.  An there is 
> such crap as the separation of facts and values (as if values (and in 
> particular universal values) where not social facts).
> Well, this is a more effect of positivism which is deeply flawed in 
> theoretical and practical terms. It is a consequence also of  modern 
> gnosticism,  called progressivism of which positivism is one of the phases, 
> that believes possible in a certain future a society with a 
> perfect harmony of individual desires and social needs, making moral 
> unnecessary. 

I have never heard anyone who expresses progressive, liberal, or left wing 
opinions state that they believe in a future society with a perfect 
anything or that morals were unnecessary.


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