On 9/3/2012 8:56 AM, Roger Clough wrote:
Many economists find that an incredible number of things fit
the Pareto distriution:
such that, to make up an example, 20% of the people
own 80% of the wealth.
In some cases, the effect might be second order, so don't ask me for proof,
but it seems to be inescapable:
1) It doesn't matter much what the economic system is or who is president,
it's very stubborn.
2) I don't think that even Marxism can change thIS fundamental
distribution of wealth.
3) It's also probably why taxing the rich ultimnately  doesn''t work,
it lowers everybody's income to fit the curve.  And why trickle
down doesn't work.
Hi Roger,

The only time that people are equal is when they are dead or mindless. I challenge you to explain to us in simple monadic terms the origin of valuation, for example: how the price of an apple is determined.




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