On Friday, August 31, 2012 8:57:15 AM UTC-4, Quentin Anciaux wrote:
>> I have 'come to Europe' several times but I don't need to move there to 
>> find political diversity. I grew up in California. Where political 
>> diversity is needed the most is where it is absent. Isn't that the point of 
>> diversity?
> You were the one saying "I have hung out with many anarchists, feminists, 
> hippies, and rabid left wing ideologues socially throughout my life and *have 
> never - ever - heard* anyone mention communism or Marxism in any kind of 
> political context at all."

Yes, so? What's the disconnect? I grew up in California talking to all 
kinds of left leaning radicals, so I know they don't discuss hopes of a 
'perfect society'.  I live in North Carolina now, where people don't trust 
nature (for good reason) but trust businessmen (for not so good reasons).


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