WHATEVER!!! I am sorry that this has come to what it is.do you think everything 
you do is perfect!!??

Susan Dubose <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:          Sorry, THAT rant was intended 
for one person on this list.
  However, let me just tell you this, if a REPUTABLE, ETHICAL  vet in the area 
finds out what this woman is doing, they will most likely have AC on her.
  When you start running out of room to separate your diseases, you stop intake.
  You do not begin to "mix" them.
  That is basic shelter 101.
  And no, it never feels good to know that you cannot help them all.
  However, she could take some of that money that she is using to declaw cats 
and build another room, hence, separating her diseases.
  Susan J. DuBose  >^..^<
                                  "As Cleopatra lay in state,
                                   Faithful Bast at her side did wait,
                                   Purring welcomes of soft applause,
                                   Ever guarding with sharpened claws."
                                             Trajan Tennent
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  From: Susan Dubose 
  To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org 
  Sent: Monday, September 24, 2007 6:36 PM
  Subject: arrrggghhh.....! Part II.!

    This "shelter"mixes felv+ cats w/ fiv+ cats,due to lack of space to 
separate..!  Read below.........
  What kind of hellhole is this?
  It's called "crash landing"
  PLease do not forward..........


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