Everyone here does the best they can with what they have available to them. When I joined this list 10, 11 years ago and told others I mixed my positive and negatives, I know some thought I was irresponsible and sentencing my others to a probable death because they would become infected by Bailey. No one directly said it but it was implied on occasion, you know what I don't care what anyone else thought, all except one of my guys back then were rescues and most likely, in fact very likely wouldn't have been alive if I hadn't took them in. God or whatever you do or don't believe in brought Bailey to me knowing what my circumstances were so I left it to the higher power I believed in to take care of all my guys and keep everyone healthy if that was what was to be. In 11 years of mixing nobody ever got it from Bailey and Bailey himself was healthy until the last 6 months of his 11 years, so I was very lucky.

I before I knew what declawing involved considered it for my guys, once I was told what it entailed I choose not to do it, but I do have a declawed cat, Shelbee was declawed when I got her. She is 13 and doing fine, she was very standoffish for the first 4 or 5 years, she is now very lovey, the first time I met her and reached out to pet her she tried to bite me, she still doesn't really like to be picked up but I can pick her up and she comes to me seeking attention now.

I used to think cats should be able to go outside and run loose, well after losing two cats mysteriously and not knowing what happened to them I decided they were all going to be indoor from then on. I personally now believe no animal that is someones pet should be allowed to run loose not only for their safety but why should my neighbors have to put up with stinky cat pee all over their property? I don't have the right to mess up their yards and ruin their enjoyment of their property. That's part of the problem we have in today's society, nobody respects anyone else's space, property, there's no consideration of each other.

I don't have any kids and I didn't want to have any kids, when I go out to eat with hubby and someones kid is running all over the restaurant screaming or in the booth behind me jumping up and down, it is very inconsiderate when the parents do nothing to control their child, and believe me many times they don't because they think it's OK for their child to do anything they want. Why do people with kids think it's OK for their child to act like that and expect everyone to just have to put up with it, when did it become OK to be so inconsiderate??

In this world we have gotten very disrespectful and inconsiderate of each other and it is only getting worse, I'm old enough to know that kids weren't shooting each other in school 35 years ago, people didn't get out of their cars and shoot each other when someone cut them off, in fact it was rare to get cut off because people were considerate and respectful of each other.

I don't personally know either of you Susan or Glenda but I do work with many different rescues and I know all about the back stabbing and in fighting that *can and does go on* and about the hoarders that think it's better to get them out of the shelters at any cost and throw them into unbearable conditions and the only ones that suffer are the animals they all profess to be trying to save. And there are those who like nothing better than to cause problems under the guise of trying to help animals, attacking a rescue you know nothing about because they don't do things the way you think they should be done is petty. Making suggestions anytime is OK but remember that doesn't mean someone has to follow them. Nobody is perfect or knows everything, nobody I've met on earth anyway ...

All of us on this list will do just about anything, within our means, to keep our furkids healthy and happy, that is different for all of us, for me personally it means getting very aggressive and invasive if I have to if I think it will save my furkids, for others it means making them comfortable while they live out whatever time they have left. It is very hard for me to deal with it when someone is doing that because I would choose a different path but I'm learning it isn't my choice to make and as much as it may upset me I have to let it go. It's a really hard lesson for me but I'm getting there, everyone has different beliefs and circumstances and as long as the choices we make are out of love nobody has the right to say our choices are wrong. If you want to disagree with me please feel free, but you don't have to get nasty about it on a public forum, you have your opinion and beliefs, they have theirs and unless you are running things there that's as far as it should go. I'm sure you wouldn't let anyone tell you how to run your organization, someone may make suggestions but it is your groups decision for your group to listen to them or not.

*Just yesterday I called someone who emailed me, her neighbors moved and left a 2 month old kitten behind, they already have 8 cats and took this kitten in. Got it tested 3 days later and you guessed it, positive. She emailed in a panic asking if I could help her find it a home or she would have to consider euthanizing it, I called her and told her my story with Bailey, she is thinking of keeping that kitten now and starting it on some supplements to boost it's immune system. I didn't point her to the list like I have so many times in the past because I didn't think it would be good for her to join in the middle of the bickering that was going on, that is the first time I have purposely not told someone to think about joining the list ... it's a darn shame it has come to that.*


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