This list has always had divisions:
  declaw/not declaw
  aggressive treatment/leave them alone
  pts/die naturally
  mix + and - / keep separate
  animal communication/ scam.........
  We have all always had different opinions, but we have always been respectful 
in those disagreements for many years.  I disagree on some things with some of 
my best friends on this list. We've had lots of debates on them. Some people 
are more 'hotheaded' about these things than others, but I think we can all try 
to disagree (when we do) in a respectful way.  And if really wrong advice is 
given that could cause harm I think we should say so.

Melissa Lind <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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st1\:*{behavior:url(#default#ieooui) }                Yes, I understand this, 
but isn’t this why Phaewryn or Jennifer or whoever left a while back? If I 
remember right, she was disgusted by the use of Animal Communicators because 
they are not scientifically proven, etc. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think 
she felt that suggesting the use of an AC does more harm than good since 
science is being abandoned for what some consider to be a scam or a witchdoctor 
or whatever. I have no experience with ACs, so these are not my views, but I 
remember people ganging up on her several months ago when she was trying to 
debunk what she thought was harmful information. 
  I completely understand what you guys mean, but I just thought that the 
comment by MC was merely an extension of the fight and nothing more. I 
apologize for any misunderstanding.
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  I'm with MC on this.  This has been a problem on other lists that I am on and 
fortunately the mods are willing to kick people to the curb if they are giving 
out questionable advice, especially without some sort of express disclaimer.  
Newbies do not understand that advice may be very wrong.  Often they are 
looking for any glimmer of hope and would willingly buy snake oil if they 
thought it might save a cat they loved.

MaryChristine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
  for many years, none of us had any problem saying, "in my opinion," or, "this 
is what my vet recommended, " or "this is what has worked for me"--and 
newcomers do NOT know that there are no vets on the list, they do NOT know when 
they are being given flat-out WRONG information. there has been DANGEROUS, in 
some cases possibly life-threatening information put out on this list in the 
past few months by people who presented it as if it had been handed to them on 
stone tablets. 

there is a HUGE difference between a suggestion, and the kind of proclamations 
that have become the norm on the list.

    On 9/27/07, Melissa Lind <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
        I think we all can agree that an unspoken disclaimer exists in this 
community. None of us is a vet. We give advice based upon experience. It is 
understood that we are not prescribing anything as a vet would. If a person 
does not agree with a suggestion for a sick cat, it is his/her choice to speak 
up. The only way we learn is though the suggestions of members here. As you ALL 
know, there are so many varied experiences with many different ailments that it 
helps to have a wide range of suggestions. No one on this list claims to be the 
be-all-end-all of veterinary medicine. We are only doing the best we can with 
what we know. Some of us are new to this, so the suggestions of veteran members 
are appreciated, and the variety of opinions is valuable. If you do not agree 
with the suggestions below, please just give your advice to the contrary.


    This is all getting so stupid. I'm thinking about leaving to go to 
Michael's list too. I'll hang around and see if things improve here, but the 
drama is unbearable at this point. Even after Susan D. has left the group, we 
are still arguing about this! Enough already.



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    you are prescribing medicine without a license.

      On 9/25/07, Susan Dubose <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 

    Hi Caroline,

Have the little kittens had a fecal yet?

If not, I recommend getting one performed. 

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