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William Allen Simpson wrote:
> Which ones?  Do they speak Catalan?  How did they end up speaking
> Catalan without ever being part of Catalonia?  Autonomous colonies?
To clarify my question, our current rule is:

   An _ancient_ or _medieval_ nation may list any city that it at some
   point controlled.

For the purposes of this ticket, I opine that it is OK for historically
Catalan-speaking cities to be included, as former Catalan colonies,
whether founded under the Principality or a larger Empire ("Crown").

We don't distinguish the Roman Republic from the Empire.  These are
cultural and political identity, as opposed to indigenous population or
"nation".  Heck, it's hard to show that there was a "Greek" nation!
They were city-states.

For example, our Greek ruleset includes some cities that were actually
very distant colonies.  Likewise, our Roman ruleset (such as Londinium).

The same cities are included in other rulesets, such as Illyrian or
English or British, sometimes with different derivations of the name.

The same cities appear in multiple rulesets: for example, Edinburgh in
both British and Scottish.

The code prevents the identical city appearing twice.  A couple of years
ago, I'd suggested automatically checking/converting the name between
different variants as different nations build/conquer, but that hasn't
made it into the code yet.

For some odd reason, neither British nor English include colonies such as
Boston or Philadelphia....  But under our current rules, they could!

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