Hi Dark,
Well, speaking from experience here creating an entire world from scratch is turning out to be very hard work indeed. You litterally have to create the worlds religion, myths, legends, history, as well as the world itself from scratch. I think that is why some RPG games just go for the roll based combat and lacks depth in the back story. Either that or someone bases an RPG on a known universe like Star Wars. For example, in between work on MOTA I have started jotting down notes for the RPG game. One thing I noticed is all the things I don't know about my new world. Its history, different realms, heroes, villens, religion, etc. It might take me months to write up a basic draft of the world before I can even write a simple text adventure. If I wanted to be lazy about it I could save myself loads of time by using an existing world, but then that might ruin the fun of creating something totally new.

dark wrote:
Hi Tom.

The situation of the Syth rpg you mention sounds disturbingly familiar. Long before I found audiogames, i was trying out literally thousands of those sorts of games, and Sryth is the only one I found to actually feature backstory, quests and a true world to explore.

there are a couple of games which are mechanically nice in terms of their explorable areas such as Kingdom of Loathing, but while an incredibly fun litle game, it's not something I can take too seriously as a coherent world and story, which is probably why I've never really had the patience to actually work a character through the game.

I would however absolutely, totally and completely recommend the chronicles of Arborell.

Fantastic writing, huge gamebooks, and really amazing background material.

the world is incredibly unique with it's own races and history, and there really is so much of the story which needs to be pieced together.

Also, there are main characters with backstory in the main gamebook series.

The gm is also great about accessibility issues (he's even got a forum for Vi accessibility).

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