HI Darren,

Well, I don't know if new games aren't as fun as they use to be, but
you are right about them becoming more complex. Just looking at the
evolution of Star Wars games they've changed quite a lot over the last
30 years.

Back in the Atari 2600 days we had the Empire Strikes Back  game which
was basically a snow speader flying around blowing up as many AT-ATs
as you can before you die or they destroy the shield generator on
Hoth. The graphics were poor, but it was fun because you could just
pick up the controller, press start, and start blasting.

Then, in the early 90's Lucas Arts started coming out with their Super
Star Wars series for the Super NES. Although, much better in terms of
sounds and graphics they were never-the-less still pretty simple
affairs. These at least had animated cutscenes and of course as Dark
has mentioned you were allowed to play different characters etc.
Features that would carry over into their newer titles.

By the mid 90's, thanks to ID Software's Quake and Doom, Lucas Arts
started producing FPS titles for the PC. These were as much a leap
forward as Super Star Wars had been from games like Empire Strikes
Back. Things like 3d graphics, 3d audio, etc was in its infancy then
but it set the stage for many of their games that would come out over
the next decade.

Now, FPS games are themselves kind of old news. As I mentioned before
most of the big name Star Wars games released over the last few years
like Knights of the Old Republic, Battle Front, Battle Front II,
Empire At War, The Old Republic, are massive MMO/RPG affairs were you
can't even get to the first mission without creating a character and
then training him/her up to a decent level.

I don't know if it is less fun, but you do have to work harder at
getting into the newer games. It takes hours to advance in the new
MMO/RPG games and the days of simply turning on the console and
playing one or two levels are coming to an end. The games have become
extremely complex.

However, I agree just because the mainstream market is turning to
newer, bigger, and more complex games doesn't mean something like
Packman should be forgotten. My wife and I found a handheld Packman
game not too long ago, maybe around Christmas time, and we baught it
for our son to play. That kind of game is still fun, despite being 30
years old, and is the kind of game you can relax while playing as you
don't have to make a lot of complex decisions like what race, class,
skills, etc you need to get through this MMO/RPG game with all the


On 5/11/11, darren harris <darren_g_har...@btinternet.com> wrote:
> I honestly think that games aren't as fun as they used to be. They've been
> made too complex now. That's not to say I don't like complex games, but
> there's always a place if you ask me for the likes of packman and sonic.

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