By random thought process tom, that gives me a cool idea!

packman rpg!

Choose your class, ghost muncher, jumper or dot hunter, and level up in crunching and the magic schools of power pill production! ;D.

Seriously, actually there are a fair few pickup and play games stil around, but they tend to have other factors involved.

for instance a lot of the wii minigames, marrio party and the like, not to mention some of the more basic shootemups and brawlers around.

The difference is though that rather like judgement day, they often feature things like a trophy system, awards, stars and more than just racking up score as a measure of how well your doing.

Take for instance final fight 1 on the gba.

Yes, this is a near perfect arcade conversion of the original walk along beat ehm up. However, when they bought it out on the gba, Capcom added several things.

Character specific dialogue and cutscenes, a system of unlocking options like a sound test and different colours of character for how many thugs you beat up, not to mention two secret characters to unlock.

It's stil possible to stick the game on and beat up the Mad gear nasties, but now you get something a bit better for it.

This particular trend in pickup and play games is actually one I rather like, keeping the gameplay symple, but adding extra options depending upon how well a player does.

It gives you something to work for, while stil keeping the game as it is in a simplistic way, and a lot of remakes I've seen recently of older games have followed this model.

This isn't to say games like packman and mario are unplayable or dull, ---- heck I've been playing the original mario games on my snes quite a bit recently myself, only that this method of increasing the amount of time it takes to completely master a game is a really nice idea.

Beware the gRue!


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