Hi Dark,

Same here. While I love RPG games I'm not really into the pvp aspects
either. Like you I am a loner and prefer to play the game world as a
single player. If I'm going to play something like Star Wars the Old
Republic I want to enter that world as a single player. If I'm a
Mandalorian bounty hunter for hire I want to train up my skills and
find out how much hell I can raise in the Galactic Republic without
other gamers interfering in my gaming experience. In large part
because in many pvp games I've tried I always encounter my share of
people who are heavy into the god-moding aspect and will screw with
you just for the fun of it. You might have just created a new
character have some basic skills in place and along comes some pvp
character trained to the max and he kicks your butt just because he
can. I hate that crap.

For instance, a couple of years back I was looking for text based Star
Wars RPG games. I found one and it was set during the Old Republic and
you were a Sith Warrior being trained at the Sith Academy.
Unfortunately, for me it was totally pvp based. I had just got my
account setup, just created my Sith Warrior, and along comes some guy
with a Sith Warrior trained up to the rank of Darth and he slaughtered
me for no good reason. When  I made a complaint to the gm he made a
rather rude comment that the guy was just acting in character of a
Sith Warrior. That only the strongest survive etc. That was very
unfair since I had just started playing the game, didn't even know
really how to play it, and I should have been challenged by someone of
a much lower rank so I could try and kill him and take his place in
the Sith order. Instead I'm put in to a duel with a master, and the
rest of the players basically told me if I don't like it then leave.
So I left. That case in particular really turned me off on pvp games
of any kind because I don't like being sport for some player who has
been around for a long time, and has some mondo cool super character.


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