Actually tom personally I don't particularly have any interest in pvp.

The modern rpg games that I'd most like to play are things like Dragon age, the dragonlance series, and yes final fantasy, those which are not based on some sort of online pvp interaction with other people, but are based on having a large virtual world with a huge amount of stuff to explore and interact with as a single player.

Personally this has always been my main interest in games, single player exploration, rather than competing or rping with others.

while in the world of brouser based games and muds it's pretty hard to find something which is a decent single player game, there are stil many games on consoles which would be perfect for this if I were able to play them, ---- in fact some of the knights of the old republic games are very good examples.

So, I'd personally prefer it if developers made good single player games, rather than concentrating on pvp and interaction with others, especially in the rpg genre where sinse most accessible games of this type are muds or brouser based affairs, there really isn't much single player stuff available.

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