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> Hi All -
> Somewhat offtopic here ...  I'm currently a 99SE devout user 
> - we haven't made the switch to 2004 yet.  I've been 
> discussing it with some colleagues, and a couple of them have 
> gone to Mentor's PADS 2004 product.  They're still new at it, 
> but are definitely singing praises.


I am Jealous :-), I have not got my Pads 2004 copy yet, it was released then a patch 
was done for
some issues (mostly fab releated) but it has not hit my desk yet.

Thought I would add that in, for the benefit of one of the employees at my Mentor VAR 
who also
frequents this list :-)

> Does anyone else here have any experience with it at all ?  I 
> would dread the learning curve - going to DXP/2004 while 
> still a curve, is at least in the same family/paradigm.  I 
> would really like to hear what some of the pros and cons are 
> between DXP/2004 and PADS/2004.

But knowing Pads as I do it wont have changed that much from 5.01, it is a very nice 
tool, never
liked Plogic much and that is where you are going to miss out big as the capture side 
is a dinosaur
to say the least.

You learning curve will be less with DXP2004 for sure, it looks different, and has 
different design
approach, but IMO it has been made to look WAY more complex than it needs to be, 
considering a lot
of things in it are the same.

There are a lot of features I would have liked to see in DXP that exists in pads, but 
I fear my
requests will fall on deaf ears sometimes, but do not be fooled, there are also a lot 
of things in
Protel I would like to see in Pads as well.

All that glitters is not gold :-)

What I would strongly advise is that you make a design spec, say a small micro that 
flashes some
LEDs, well, it may as well look good, and do it in the most complex and difficult way.

Keep notes & times on this exercise, likes dislikes, put 1 LED per sheet, the micro on 
another, draw
ALL the Decals/Footprints yourself, bring the design into PowerPCB and make a complex 
board outline
and a few copper / board cut-outs and some polygons / copper pours. Then produce the 
fab files (if
you use your own SMT place equipment then you will like the CAM outputs)

Now repeat exactly the same process & design in Protel and when you are finished 
compare notes.

Then you will have a well formed opinion and substance to back it up when confronting 

Anytime I have seen some-one that impressed with a Pads demo was when it is done by an 
Pads user/sales person.

Hope this helps


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