Re: [osg-users] How do I move a Texture in an model of Openflight format (.flt) in the UV direction?

2019-09-17 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Dae, On 17/9/19 03:16, Dae Woo Ryu wrote: > As shown in the code below, > I get the geometry information from the model of Openflight(.flt) format and > move the coordinates of the vertices. > But the texture doesn't move. > How can I move a texture? Depending on what you are trying to

Re: [osg-users] osgFX::Outline lose material color while GL_LIGHTING set OFF

2019-09-02 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Franco, From the png I understand that you have a Group with Geodes A and B. The effect will *always* be applied to the entire node that it's attached to, so if you want to have the outline only on A or B then you must attach the effect to A or B, not the parent Group. Hope this helps.

Re: [osg-users] Building on macOS 10.14

2019-02-07 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
On 6/2/19 22:57, Jan Brejcha wrote: > I found a related issue on Github, seems solved > Yes, seems to work around the issue, but I wouldn't call it being solved. The cmake files are broken, because they set the necessary environment

Re: [osg-users] Building on macOS 10.14

2019-02-04 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Jan, I can prepare a diff tonight. But I'm wondering: we can't be the only people trying to compile for 10.14. Aren't others running into this problem? Cheers, /Ulrich > is there any progress with a working version for macos 10.14? I did not have > any problem building on 10.13, > but on

Re: [osg-users] Switch between primitive and model

2018-11-12 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Charlie, On 12/11/18 03:26, Charlie Tan wrote: > I am trying to toggle between a model that I have loaded (a unit cube) and a > colored surface (a unit triangle). Thus, the triangle rendered should be half > the area of the unit cube's face. In addition, the triangle rendered should > lie

[osg-users] Building on macOS 10.14

2018-11-11 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi guys, Has anyone managed to build OSG (master) on macOS 10.14? I'm getting a cmake failure trying to even find a useable compiler, due to the usage of the deprecated+removed libstdc++. I'm working on a fix for that, but during that journey I noticed that - minimum supported OS X version is

Re: [osg-users] iOS build guide locked/checked out on osg website

2017-04-22 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
On 22/4/17 00:43, Thomas Hogarth wrote: > Hi All > > Not sure who can do what about this. A little while back i was going to > update the build guide for osg on iOS, but the document/article was checked out and locked by another user. Since 2014 haha. Says it's been checked o

Re: [osg-users] ShaderComposer::releaseGLObjects warning

2016-04-18 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi guys, On 18/04/2016 20:22, Robert Osfield wrote: > On 18 April 2016 at 17:39, Andy Skinner > wrote: > > We are getting a warning for ShaderComposer::releaseGLObjects: 'void >

Re: [osg-users] [build] Xocde 7.1 with osgDB compiler error

2015-10-31 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA256 Hi, On 28/10/2015 15:07, Radu Popescu wrote: > We are using OSG for a cross-platform application that runs on Windows, Linux > and Mac > OS X (10.10 and 10.11). > > The application uses OSG 3.4 and Qt 4.8 and we had to apply some patches to >

Re: [osg-users] Wrong understanding of tangent space and world coordinates?

2015-05-09 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA256 Hi Andreas, On 6/05/2015 13:28, Andreas Schreiber wrote: If I pass the following vector from osg code to the shader: Code: plane-getOrCreateStateSet()-addUniform(new osg::Uniform(object_position, osg::Vec4(1, -0.25, 1,1))); This vector is

Re: [osg-users] referenced memory management across dlls/exe (Windows only)

2015-03-01 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA256 Hi Nick, On 28/02/2015 14:46, Trajce Nikolov NICK wrote: I am facing a problem with memory clean-up when mixing the place of allocation across dlls and the executable. Let say I have main executable that loads dlls (plugins) in which I

Re: [osg-users] Moving a model with NodeCallback

2014-09-18 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA256 Hi Chris, hi Mattias, On 17/09/2014 20:19, Mattias Helsing wrote: Hi again, some more 2p I'm not an animator myself but I'm guessing the hand model was rigged and skinned in 3ds max That was my guess as well and a look at the converted

Re: [osg-users] BoundingBox centre location after PossitionAttitudeTransform translation/rotation

2014-04-01 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Petr, Quoting Petr Svoboda If I point to an object I want to visualise it somehow (create BoundingSphere over that *.OSG model) and for that I use ShapeDrawable-Sphere with StateSet to PolygonMode which works nicely. But the problem is: The intersection visitor accepts

Re: [osg-users] osg::ref_ptr thread safety

2014-03-07 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA256 On 6/03/2014 20:09, ttaw wrote: From: Ulrich Hertlein try m_resource.release(). Thanks, whoever you are. But that moves the ownership from the class to the caller and is not what I'm after

Re: [osg-users] osg::ref_ptr thread safety

2014-03-07 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA256 Hi Robert, On 6/03/2014 12:48, Robert Osfield wrote: Hi Ulrich, If you get a C pointer from a ref_ptr you are explicitly moving outside the scope of automatic reference counting. It's only safe to get and use a C pointer from a ref_ptr

Re: [osg-users] [osgPlugins] bug stl pugin?

2014-03-05 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Anneke, Quoting Anneke Sicherer-Roetman I just installed version 3.2.0. Now, when reading an .stl file with the pretaining plugin, I get vector subscript out of range in the readNode function. I temporarily reverted to 3.0.1 to bve able to continue my work, but

Re: [osg-users] [build] ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64

2014-03-05 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Michael, Quoting Michael Zurek I downloaded the stable release 3.2.0 which I am able to build (without libc++) but whenever I compile an application I'm getting ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64. I don't use xcode though. I'm using clang++ from

Re: [osg-users] osg::Sequence and reversing direction

2014-03-05 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Sebastian, did you try setBegin()/setEnd() with the last and the first child respectively? (But I'm not claiming to know Sequence any better.) /ulrich pgpdaG3yglw1Z.pgp Description: PGP Digital Signature ___ osg-users mailing list

[osg-users] osg::ref_ptr thread safety

2014-03-05 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA256 Hi guys, during a recent discussion at the office the question was raised whether or not there's anything architectural that's stopping the owner of a ref-counted resource to return it via a raw pointer and dereference (and hence delete it)

Re: [osg-users] Hidden Memory Leaks

2014-02-26 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Amir, Quoting amir Env: Win7/64bit/MSVC 2008/OSG3.0.1 I make unusual use of OSG - in every iteration I set new parameters, then I read the results to images and use them (no graphic display is required!) I have my app keep growing all the time... Any suggestion? I'm

Re: [osg-users] Problem with 3D image for scientific visualization

2014-01-21 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA256 Hi Josiah, On 21/01/2014 9:56, Josiah Jideani wrote: ... The code has been working fine until I developed a new imaging algorithm and had to increase the size of the volume. Here is the code snippet that sets up the viewer: ... The

Re: [osg-users] Optimizing memory usage by Texture of size 4096x2048

2013-11-19 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi John, Quoting John Moore In my app I am using 2 textures of size 4096x2048. I have a serious problem of memory usage. ... using this code my app jumps from 20 MB of memory to 250 MB of memory usage Since I am developing on mobile platform this is a huge waste of

Re: [osg-users] singleton instane

2013-10-18 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Hi Sajjadul, On 13/10/2013 1:12, Sajjadul Islam wrote: Thanks for the suggestion of the singleton design . I tried to design a template base class as follows : Code: ... templateclass T class Singleton { public: /** * Init the actual

Re: [osg-users] Issue With osgDB::writeNodeFile Writing New Material to .osgb

2013-09-30 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Patrick, Quoting Patrick Keenan I have an osg::ProxyNode model that I change the material on then I try to update the file itself so that next time I run the program the changes persist. If I save it to my_model.osgb then the next time I go to open it

Re: [osg-users] Issue With osgDB::writeNodeFile Writing New Material to .osgb

2013-09-30 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Follow up: If '_prox_node' the the ProxyNode referencing the file 'frame_6' then you will end up creating an infinite recursion by having an ProxyNode in your original file that references a file with a ProxyNode to itself. Anyway, just a hunch as I said. You can verify that by saving to

Re: [osg-users] Using c++11 smartpointer instead of osg::ref_ptr?

2013-08-02 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
On 2/08/2013 17:46, Mathias Fröhlich wrote: This design problem with shared_ptr forces you to copy shared_ptr's all the time when access data members which just can't be efficient and requires end users to always stick to this rule. Ack! Also you need twice as much mallocs because the

Re: [osg-users] Using c++11 smartpointer instead of osg::ref_ptr?

2013-07-31 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
On 29/04/2013 2:53, Maik Klein wrote: I am wondering if it is possible to use the c++11 smartpointer instead of osg::ref_ptr? Is there any advantage in using the osg::ref_ptr? Mixing the two is a bad idea, as they will happily ignore one another ;-) One benefit of osg::ref_ptr is that the

Re: [osg-users] osgdb_shp plugin's XBaseParser may have aerror

2013-07-24 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi ChaosWong, On 24/07/2013 2:59, ChaosWong wrote: I work under windows, and which platform do you work? Linux and OS X. so I think it's never return 0, because 0 is usually represent Standard input (stdin). If function fail, it should return -1, i think. Yes, it will return -1 on error,

Re: [osg-users] osgdb_shp plugin's XBaseParser may have aerror

2013-07-23 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hello ChaosWong, Quoting ChaosWong i develop osg application under windows. when i was loading a .shp file, my application was crashed. after i tracked, i found i miss a .bdf file, and code was crashed at red line: XBaseParser::XBaseParser(const std::string fileName):

Re: [osg-users] Nodes not being displayed in Kubuntu 13.04 with AMD

2013-07-15 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Roland, Quoting Roland Hill The upgraded machine is a laptop with an AMD Mobility Radeon 5850. Everything worked perfectly before upgrading from 12.04. I still have a desktop running Kubuntu 12.04 with an Nvidia card and the same code base works

Re: [osg-users] [build] Building a libc++ project against OSG on Mac OS X

2013-05-24 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
On 6/05/13 20:42, Kellen Gillespie wrote: @ulrich - Thanks for the reply! It definitely makes sense to me that OSG would also need to be built with libc++ / c++11 in order to properly be linked to by my project. Since that's the case, do you remember how you did build OSG with those

Re: [osg-users] Dinamic Line Drawing

2013-05-13 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Patrick, Similar to the change that Judson suggested for 'Add_new_point', the osg::Matrix and osg::Vec3f you pass into the constructor should be 'const osg::Matrix' (same for vector), otherwise you are making a copy of the object every time. The empty destructor is okay, as everything is

Re: [osg-users] [build] Building a libc++ project against OSG on Mac OS X

2013-05-06 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Kellen, Yes, I've used OSG with clang++/libc++. The error you're seeing is due to trying to link libraries that use different runtimes. In your case OSG is probably using libstdc++ and your own project is using libc++. They have to match, which means you have to recompile OSG. Cheers,

Re: [osg-users] Problem loading RGBA bmp.

2013-03-12 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hello nameless stranger, On 13/03/13 1:19, Peterakos wrote: I try to load a bmp image and set it to a texture. When i render the model with the texture (using shaders), even though the rgb channels are passed fine, the alpha channel is always 1. Can you make your BMP file available? I have a

Re: [osg-users] Two question about (bounding box and select object)

2013-02-19 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Sahar, What doesn't work with the bounding-box code? Does it display the wrong bbox? Does it crash? On 19/02/13 18:14, Sahar Aseeri wrote: group-addChild(lineGeode); group-addChild( model1 ); group-addChild( model2 ); int index1; index1=0;

Re: [osg-users] [build] Running the examples on mac OS X snow Leopard 10.7.5

2013-02-12 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi guys, The error you're seeing points to a configuration issue with the Carbon vs. Cocoa windowing system. Check the value of the OSG_WINDOWING_SYSTEM cmake variable - maybe neither is selected? FWIW I always install OSG as 64-bit on OS X and use Cocoa as the windowing interface. Where did

Re: [osg-users] Failure in casting to osg::AnimationPathCallback*

2013-02-07 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Philip, On 7/02/13 15:34, Philip Lamb wrote: UpdateCallback: className is AnimationPathCallback and is PN3osg12NodeCallbackE So it looks like a failure somewhere in RTTI. Both typeid and the dynamic_cast fail to convert the osg::NodeCallback* to an

Re: [osg-users] Fix for building with ref_ptr::get()

2013-02-04 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Paul, On 5/02/13 8:40, Paul Martz wrote: I wanted to start a discussion on the CMake variable OSG_USE_REF_PTR_IMPLICIT_OUTPUT_CONVERSION. Does anyone else besides me change this variable from its default ON state to OFF? If not, should we just remove it? The reason I ask is that it

Re: [osg-users] getting errors in creating First OSG program

2013-02-04 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
On 5/02/13 14:29, om prakash Paliwal wrote: /usr/bin/c++ */-I/home/heart-hacker/OpenSg/build_OpenSceneGraph/include/OpenThreads -I/home/heart-hacker/OpenSg/build_OpenSceneGraph/include/osg -I/home/heart-hacker/OpenSg/build_OpenSceneGraph/include/*-o

Re: [osg-users] getting errors in creating First OSG program

2013-02-03 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
On 3/02/13 16:52, om prakash Paliwal wrote: I fixed this error as directed by you . but the problem of compilation with make is still there ... heart-hacker@hearthacker-HP-Pavilion-g6-Notebook-PC:~/osgproject/program-2$ make [100%] Building CXX object

Re: [osg-users] getting errors in creating First OSG program

2013-02-03 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
On 3/02/13 22:51, om prakash Paliwal wrote: i executed make VERBOSE=1 and getting a screenful list of texts saying somthing has been depriciated and at the last is says make[2]: *** [src/osgPlugins/ffmpeg/CMakeFiles/osgdb_ffmpeg.dir/FFmpegDecoder.o] Error 1 make[2]: Leaving directory

Re: [osg-users] Fedora 18 with nVidia driver: OSG crashes session

2013-01-31 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Stuart, On 31/01/13 20:45, Stuart Mentzer wrote: Hi Robert, No luck: Both osgviewer and my (debug build) app bring down the session even running under gdb. Running my app in its non-GUI mode that brings up a stand-alone OSG window doesn't kill the session. Instead I get: Code:

Re: [osg-users] osgFX question

2012-12-06 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Pjotr, On 5/12/12 3:40, Pjotr Svetachov wrote: We recently converted our stereo viewer to cull the scene graph in parallel. But now we are having a crash with some models that have bump mapping effects on them. The crash happens in Effect::traverse because both threads try to add new

Re: [osg-users] readNodeFile returns null without CURL env variables?

2012-12-05 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Tim, On 24/10/12 3:59, Tim O'Leary wrote: When I have OSG_CURL_PROXY and OSG_CURL_PROXYPORT set to valid values, the call to osgDB::readNodeFile( foo ) returns a valid pointer, and I'm able to load an *.osg model from my C: drive. When I delete these environment vars, and re-run my

Re: [osg-users] [osgPlugins] Changing CURL environment variables programmatically

2012-12-05 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Tim, On 1/11/12 5:32, Tim O'Leary wrote: Is it possible to change CURL environment variables (e.g., OSG_CURL_PROXY) programmatically, or am I stuck with the same value until I restart my OSG application? I would like to be able to change OSG_CURL_PROXY, and I'm trying to do this by

Re: [osg-users] What units does Quat::makeRotate accept?

2012-12-04 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
On 5/12/12 15:36, michael kapelko wrote: Hi. I can't understand what units (degrees? radians?) Quat::makeRotate accepts. I tried to pass degrees, and it wasn't it (with small angle increase there was large rotation). I tried to pass radians with the help of DegreesToRadians, and then it's

Re: [osg-users] Retrobooster playable demo

2012-12-03 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Terry, On 3/12/12 12:30, Terry Welsh wrote: From: Thomas Hogarth Really like the dust clouds kicking up as you approach the ground. Glow effect is great too. I'm running windows 7 on a Mac Book via Parallels. Thanks, I spent a long time on the particles and

Re: [osg-users] Uniform arrays not working for me using Visual Studio 2010

2012-10-25 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi David, On 25/10/12 2:17, David Sellin wrote: I ported my program from mingw and Code Blocks to Visual Studio 2010 Express and found that I couldn't get uniform arrays to work. Has anyone experienced this? I'm new to Visual Studio so I might have missed something. ... Old system: OSG

Re: [osg-users] speed up the loading

2012-10-23 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Shawl, On 23/10/12 14:15, wh_xiexing wrote: i have hundreds of millions of points to render.i think the Geometry 's setVertexArray (Vec3Array) is time consuming . for every point , it must construct a Vec3 class, and put it into the array. Not quite sure which setVertexArray

Re: [osg-users] [forum] Problem when nesting osgFX::Outline effects

2012-10-21 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi celandre, On 16/10/12 3:30, celandre dzimiwine wrote: I am trying to add an osgFX::Outline effect (as grand child) to another osgFx::Outline effect to have an outlined node of which child is also outlined. But I am getting a weird result: The child is displayed in fill mode and line

Re: [osg-users] osg::Sequence boundingsphere

2012-10-18 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Marc-Andre, On 18/10/12 14:49, Marc-Andre Labrie wrote: I guess you are referring to a node visitor when you wrote about TRAVERSE_ACTIVE_CHILDREN. I have inspected the code but could not find this mechanism for computing the bounding sphere: I thought computebound was called

Re: [osg-users] osg::Sequence boundingsphere

2012-10-18 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Marc-Andre, On 19/10/12 2:01, Marc-André Labrie wrote: But I still do not understand why non-visible geodes should take part to the boundingsphere calculation. In my case, in my osg::Sequence, frame1 is way much smaller than frame15 ... I'm not saying that they should (quite the

Re: [osg-users] osg::Sequence boundingsphere

2012-10-17 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Marc-Andre, On 18/10/12 11:30, Marc-André Labrie wrote: Is there a reason why an osg::Sequence does not calculates its boundingsphere based only on its active child (rather than using all of them)? I can define my own Sequence and override the getBounds() method; but I want to know

Re: [osg-users] Memory usage

2012-10-17 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Nikos, On 13/10/12 1:29, Nikos Babasakalis wrote: Using test data from the external application and saving the graph to osg files, I observed that their size is very big (88 MB in one case and 115 MB in another). Moreover the memory consumption is very high (about 130 MB in one case and

Re: [osg-users] [build] Memory alloc fail on release OSG library

2012-10-15 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Dmitry, On 12/10/12 2:56, Dmitry K. wrote: I have built OSG as dynamic library and when I attach the release version of the library to my test project containing textures tutorial I receive bad alloc mircosoft visual c++ exception. When I switch to debug version - everything works ok

Re: [osg-users] Memory Clean Up Question

2012-10-15 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Karl, On 16/10/12 2:53, Cary, Karl A. wrote: I am tracking down some memory leaks in our program and have come across a couple situations where I am currently not sure if it is/can cause a memory leak. There are many instances in our code where we do something similar:

Re: [osg-users] Can I run OSG even on 128MB RAM grapics card

2012-09-24 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Koduri, On 21/09/12 22:17, Koduri Lakshmi wrote: I did a sample program to render a model using OSG. I created a complex model from 3dsmax having 1lack of vertices. I exported it as OSG using OSGExporter. I used optimization techniques to reduce size of the final osg file (don't know

Re: [osg-users] GPU stats on Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8)

2012-09-20 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Stephan, On 19/09/12 2:23, Stephan Huber wrote: has anybody noticed issues with the GPU-stats on Mountain Lion (10.8.1)? When enabling them the rendering stops for several seconds from time to time. (Looks like a driver problem) Yes, I also have the problem on 10.8.2. Pauses every ~10s or

Re: [osg-users] How to get Sequence node to contorl animaton

2012-09-07 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Koduri, On 6/09/12 23:58, Koduri Lakshmi wrote: Hi, I have an OSG file contains a sequence of objects. I read this OSG file and assigned to a transformation matrix. Now I want to get back the sequence to the OSG::Sequence object from the transformation matrix to control animation.

[osg-users] RESOLVED Re: Repository broken with SVN =1.7.5?

2012-08-22 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi guys, On 19/08/12 12:12, Ulrich Hertlein wrote: That's very well possible, I haven't done a clean checkout for a long time. The repository is back up and a fresh checkout does not have the svn:externals anymore. Cheers, /ulrich ___ osg-users

Re: [osg-users] Repository broken with SVN =1.7.5?

2012-08-18 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Robert, On 19/08/12 4:15, Robert Osfield wrote: directory. My best guess is that Ulrich has done has done the test on a very old checkout of the OSG. That's very well possible, I haven't done a clean checkout for a long time. I tried to get a fresh copy just now but am getting errors,

[osg-users] Repository broken with SVN =1.7.5?

2012-08-17 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi guys, ever since updating my Subversion client to 1.7.x I've been getting errors regarding OpenThreads when updating: $ svn up Updating '.': svn: warning: W20: Error handling externals definition for 'include/OpenThreads': svn: warning: W17: URL

Re: [osg-users] Store rgb data into rgba image

2012-07-09 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
On 8/07/12 3:16 , Jorge D'Alpuim wrote: int height = image_rgb-s(); int width = image_rgb-t(); int length = image_rgb-r(); const long size = width * height * length * 4; unsigned char* rgb_data = image_rgb-data(); unsigned char* rgba_data = (unsigned char*)calloc(size,sizeof(unsigned

Re: [osg-users] Problems with DotOsgWrapper in OSG 3.1.1 on OSX 10.7

2012-07-05 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi guys, On 5/07/12 17:38 , Stephan Huber wrote: Am 04.07.12 16:49, schrieb Mike Krus: Any ideas on how to fix this? Or anybody know if I can safely build the rest with GCC 4.3 and OSG with the llvm-gcc 4.2 that comes with XCode? AFAIK you'll have to use the apple-compilers for compiling

Re: [osg-users] Screen not refreshing-overlapping content.

2012-07-05 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Praveena, On 5/07/12 23:19 , Praveena Sara wrote: Code: osg::ref_ptrosg::Geometry beam = new osg::Geometry; osg::ref_ptrosg::Vec3Array points = new osg::Vec3Array; points-push_back(StartPoint); points-push_back(EndPoint); osg::ref_ptrosg::Vec4Array color = new osg::Vec4Array;

Re: [osg-users] How to create osg::Texture2D from osg::Vec3Array...?

2012-06-30 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Kedar, On 28/06/12 19:10 , Kedar Kumbhar wrote: The normal method given in many examples to create a Texture2D, is using a Image file. Code: osg::ref_ptrosg::Texture2D texture = new osg::Texture2D; osg::ref_ptrosg::Image image = osgDB::readImageFile(Images/lz.rgb );

Re: [osg-users] Compiling OSG applications on Ubuntu 12.04 = OK

2012-06-26 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Mike, On 27/06/12 3:28 , Mike Hatcher wrote: There are two different stages of compilation: 1: A rendering library of individual .cpp files is compiled into .o files and ultimately archived into a libSimRender.a file using the ar command to build an archive of the .o files. This one is

Re: [osg-users] Enabling notifications from within program?

2012-05-31 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Preet, On 1/06/12 4:25 , Preet wrote: That's what I'm currently doing (ie using stack traces to try and figure stuff out), but I was wondering why osg doesn't give me *any* output at all. For instance, I'm apparently able to do a bunch of stuff: Load an *.osg model, setup an animation

Re: [osg-users] Why no games with OSG?

2012-05-23 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Michael, On 24/05/12 12:45 , michael kapelko wrote: I was thinking about iOS recently and decided to ask you, if you coded those apps in C++ or Obj-C? I heard you need to write Obj-C on iOS? You can mix C, C++ and ObjC on iOS. So the meat of your app could be in C++ talking to OSG and the

Re: [osg-users] Problem with semi-transparent textures

2012-05-14 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
On 5/05/12 22:30 , Martin Oswald wrote: texture2D = dynamic_castosg::Texture2D*(attr); ... texture2D-setWrap(osg::Texture::WRAP_R,osg::Texture::REPEAT); Typo? 2D textures only require WRAP_S and WRAP_T. /ulrich ___ osg-users mailing list

Re: [osg-users] bug with osg::Matrix2 in head rev

2012-04-26 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Sergey, On 26/04/12 23:39 , Sergey Polischuk wrote: Replying to myself :) Problem is: declaration of set(...) methods in derived Matrix*Template classes hides base class MatrixTemplate::set(...) pack of methods This can be solved by adding line: using MatrixTemplate[template

Re: [osg-users] osx fail to configure

2012-04-11 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
On 12/04/12 0:53 , Cedric Pinson wrote: Thx for the hints, I modified the CMakeCache.txt file to point on the new location of Xcode For me, running xcode-select /Applications/ did the trick. (Maybe together with cmake patches brought in through MacPorts, not sure.)

Re: [osg-users] Drawing a simple sphere...

2012-04-09 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Mike, On 10/04/12 13:03 , Mike Wozniewski wrote: Hi Ulrich (et al), How did you change the optimization flags in your makefiles? Did you search and replace through them all? or is there a cmake variable / technique for doing this? These days (the original thread is from August 2011)

Re: [osg-users] problem with svn (atomic counter?)

2012-04-05 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi David, On 5/04/12 18:18 , David Callu wrote: Thanks for the fix, Can you post it on osg-submission list ? Sure, I can do that, but maybe somebody who can actually reproduce the problem is more suited? Otherwise I would just submit this: code if (!atomicCounterMap.empty()

Re: [osg-users] problem with svn (atomic counter?)

2012-04-04 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi guys, On 5/04/12 6:05 , Martin Naylor wrote: I see no Nvdia dll in the call stack, not sure if I should, so am thinking an OSG problem(please take with a pinch of salt). Without having encountered that crash this to me would indicate that the crash is happening in GL code (such as

Re: [osg-users] problem with svn (atomic counter?)

2012-04-04 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi guys, On 5/04/12 6:05 , Martin Naylor wrote: if (_extensions-isShaderAtomicCounterSupported()) { std::vectorGLint bufferIndex( atomicCounterMap.size(), 0 ); std::vectorGLuint uniformIndex; for (AtomicCounterMap::iterator it = atomicCounterMap.begin(), end =

Re: [osg-users] OpenThreads/Atomic currently broken with Xcode 4.3.1 and IOS

2012-03-22 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Stephan, On 22/03/12 22:29 , Stephan Maximilian Huber wrote: Am 22.03.12 03:01, schrieb Ulrich Hertlein: This recently broke for me on OS X (with clang 3.1) as well. Casting 'ptrOld' to (void*) works and this is also done for the other implementations (WIN32_INTERLOCKED and BSD_ATOMIC

Re: [osg-users] OpenThreads/Atomic currently broken with Xcode 4.3.1 and IOS

2012-03-21 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Stephan, On 13/03/12 4:43 , Stephan Maximilian Huber wrote: it seems that compiling osg and specifically OpenThreads is currently broken for IOS when using xcode 4.3.1. The compilation fails at OpenThreads/Atomic with

Re: [osg-users] Maintaining a reference to an osg node outside of osg

2012-03-17 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Preet, On 17/03/12 8:09 , Preet wrote: If I do this, then I need to maintain the underlying ref_ptr object no? This isn't particularly convenient. What was wrong with assigning the osg::Node's pointer to mysteryPtr instead? Basically with ... osg::ref_ptrosg::Node someNode; mysteryPtr =

Re: [osg-users] [forum] using a TV remote control

2012-03-13 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Helen, On 13/03/12 22:35 , Helen Diez wrote: I'm using Microsoft Windows 7. I still haven't found a solution to me problem. Any help will be really apreciated You wrote 'When I press red button on my remote, letter a is written...'. Writte where? How do you interface with the remote

Re: [osg-users] [forum] using a TV remote control

2012-03-12 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Helen, On 9/03/12 3:10 , Helen Diez wrote: I'm trying to implement an OSG application using a TV remote control. At the beggining I had my code prepared to detect keyboard events as follows: ... Everything worked fine. The thing is the application's final device will be a TV. So I

Re: [osg-users] DataBasePager expired removal question

2012-03-05 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Sebastian, On 5/03/12 20:01 , Sebastian Messerschmidt wrote: Now, in order to cache the nodes correctly I've put a reference to the node in to a map (std::mapstd::string, osg::ref_ptrNode). I need to use the ref_ptr to be sure the node is still valid. It works well, up to the point

Re: [osg-users] DataBasePager expired removal question

2012-03-05 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
I need a coffee, you've already figured that out. Sorry for the noise :-} ___ osg-users mailing list

Re: [osg-users] Point attribute affecting display of triangle on OS X

2012-03-01 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Andy, On 1/03/12 1:27 , Andy Skinner wrote: Attached is a simple OSG example that, on Mac with nVidia card, seems to show point geometry with the Point StateAttribute set causing other geometry to be clipped. We did not see this on a Mac with an ATI card. This has been reproduced on

Re: [osg-users] live video texture performance

2012-03-01 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Michael, On 2/03/12 3:41 , Michael Schanne wrote: I am trying to create a scene which contains a texture displaying a live video image. The image is sent as a buffer of raw data from an attached camera. I was able to get something working but the performance is terrible: about 1.42

Re: [osg-users] osg, macosx-x86_64 imageio plugin color byte swap problem

2012-02-22 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Chris, On 22/02/12 20:29 , Stephan Maximilian Huber wrote: I tested the imageio-plugin on os x 10.7 with an older 32bit build (from Nov 2011) and it works for me. I tested only png and jpg files. I've also tested imageio on 10.7 with a current 64-bit build (trunk) and it works okay (png,

Re: [osg-users] [osgPlugins] Problem in loading Shape file

2012-02-22 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Lalit, On 24/12/11 0:32 , Lalit Manchwari wrote: I followed your instruction and now program is not crashing. But in some file it does not load the complete shape file. I have attached here a shape file and its snapshot (with complete view). Please could you help. When opening the

Re: [osg-users] Segmentation fault when I try to assign MatrixD

2012-02-15 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi guys, On 15/02/12 23:52 , Philipp Moeller wrote: I have a class (Car) which extends|osg::PositionAttitudeTransform|. Now I want to create camera which has the same position. So I get car's matrix in Camera's getMatrix() method: |matrix= car-asMatrixTransform()-getMatrix(); //

Re: [osg-users] OSG runtime error on Visual Studio Debug mode

2012-02-15 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Clement, On 16/02/12 13:59 , wrote: I am using osg version 3.0.1 with MS Visual Studio 2008. My application is embedded osg viewer to display sample, so it is not necessary to build my application with using debug version of osg. The application build settings is

Re: [osg-users] Win32 Bitmap to osg Image

2012-02-02 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Vincent, what errors/issues/non-results are you seeing? Black? Reversed colors? Crashes? On 2/02/12 21:52 , Vincent Bourdier wrote: I'm currently trying to convert a bitmap image file to an osg::Image. I get my Bitmap from the win32 api making a screenshot, but as specified in the

Re: [osg-users] KeyboardHandler - Moving an Object Forward

2012-01-24 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Pedro, On 24/01/12 12:36 , Pedro Ribeiro wrote: Hi everyone, i'm newbie in osg, trying to learn from the osg tutorials. Now i'm trying to implement tutorial 9.1 (Basic Keyboard Input) that allow the tank to move forward, started with Tutorial 9 from NPS that allow a tank to rotate his

Re: [osg-users] [osgPlugins] Problem in loading Shape file

2011-12-22 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Lalit, On 22/12/11 21:46 , Lalit Manchwari wrote: I am loading *.shp file in my program. In some files program works fine (mostly shape file with lines) but in some other files program crashed. My code is : osg::Geode* geode = dynamic_cast osg::Geode*

Re: [osg-users] Lighting problem

2011-11-15 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Hartmut, On 16/11/11 0:58 , Hartmut Leister wrote: I'm having a lighting problem in my osgviewerQt (derived from [1]) application with a self created drawable object. All my spheres are basically looking like this [2], with this weird spot on top of all spheres. Has anybody an idea,

Re: [osg-users] Switch node, and multiple views

2011-09-26 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Lars, On 26/09/11 11:30 , Lars Karlsson wrote: Yes, I'd like to render one single scenegraph, however four times DIFFERENTLY (i.e. in four different views), and of course simultaneously. ... I looked quickly into TraversalMask... Is my hunch correct when I say that: - I make all four

Re: [osg-users] Attach camera manipulator to RTT camera instead of viewer?

2011-09-24 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi J-S, On 23/09/11 19:40 , Jean-Sébastien Guay wrote: You don't attach a camera manipulator to a camera, but to an osgViewer::View. So the trick is to tell the right camera to respond to user input, and the other(s) not to. camera-setAllowEventFocus(true or false); This may only work

Re: [osg-users] Please remove me from list

2011-09-23 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
You can do that yourself, using the mailing list link below. /ulrich ___ osg-users mailing list

[osg-users] Attach camera manipulator to RTT camera instead of viewer?

2011-09-23 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi guys, I'm trying to find a way to attach a camera manipulator (Trackball) to my RTT camera rather than the main viewer. So far I couldn't find anything similar in the examples. This must be a frequent scenario so obviously I'm missing something. Can this be achieved without writing a

Re: [osg-users] Release builds with gcc-llvm on Mac (Xcode 4), cosf/sinf recursion

2011-09-22 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi James, hi all, I've re-encountered this problem (after I had assumed it doesn't happen with clang/llvm) in a project that's using particles. The culprit here was sqrt/sqrtf. I would like to propose that we remove these wrappers for OS X = 10.7: Index: include/osg/Math

Re: [osg-users] Deriving my own Effect/Technique class - heap damage error

2011-09-19 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi Matthias, On 19/09/11 17:08 , wrote: My goal is to use the osgFX node kit to write a customized Effect. Therefore, I looked into the predefined osgFX::Cartoon Effect, copied it into my project, renamed it into MyCartoon and tried to adapt the code to my needs.

Re: [osg-users] Release builds with gcc-llvm on Mac (Xcode 4), cosf/sinf recursion

2011-09-16 Thread Ulrich Hertlein
Hi James, thanks for that impressive bit of detective work; I recently ran into that problem again but didn't have the nerve/time to look into it more closely. FWIW I've switched to clang/llvm on OS X and that works too (and supposedly produces better code), so it seems to be the gcc-llvm

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