Anthony and Margie,

Reminds me of the drowning dog I pulled out of a canal in Japan on Buddha's birthday. First thing it did was bit me! But dogs like humans normally only bite when scared or after having been abused. Remedy the cause and the behavior will most likely change.


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Hi Margie,

This is a very moving story. I hope things will always work out like that. But what if they don't? Please note I am not contradicting you. Please don't be offended. My question is what if the 'bad' student keeps stealing with no repentence. Did you read Mark Twain about a doctor that heals a wounded dog. The dog brings another dog the next day. The doctor again cures it. But the following day, the two dogs bring four dogs. etc, until the poor doctor is sorrounded by a large number of them and is bitten by them. We all like a happy ending. Sometimes we may not have it.

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Hi Chris :-)

Glad you liked my post. Here is one of my favorite zen stories about

A student was caught stealing and his fellows asked master Bankei to
expel him from the community. The master ignored the request, but the
student stole again. The others drew up a petition demanding his
expulsion, stating that otherwise they would all leave. Bankei called
them together and said, "You are wise, my friends. You know right from
wrong. You can go somewhere else to study, but this poor fellow- who
will teach him if I do not? I must keep him as my student even if the
rest of you leave." The student who had stolen was overcome with tears
and never stole again.

Margie (roloro1557)

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> Good Post Margie!

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> >
> It's not very enlightened of me, I know, but I'm sorry I started
> this
> part of the thread. I don't want to make anyone feel bad for
> believing
> whatever they believe. I don't want to be misunderstood or made out
> a
> monster for believing what I believe. I mean no offense to anyone by
> anything written here.
> How to explain. . . . .

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