This looks like sound recommedations to me.


--- In, Kristy McClain <healthypl...@...>

Good Morning to All,   (Note to JM)--   I think you sent me a private
note, but for some reason, it was blank when opened.  Please re-send it.
I'd love to read it.:)   I do want to offer a small follow-up to my
comments last night on this topic...   I neither diagnose nor prescribe
from this vantage point.  To do so, would be reckless to the point of
being criminal.  I offered a couple of general recommendations  about
Dave's situation--beginning with a comprehensive evaluation by qualified
health professionals.   As to breathwork..  I think it has immense value
for many  people, including myself. When practiced routinely, it can
have intense  effects on the body and mind. However, there are indeed 
conditions wherein breath work is not advised nor recommended without
supervision  or monitoring.  To include:   --Some cardiac conditions
(especially undiagnosed)   -- Hypertensive  conditions not well
controlled or not advised based on prescription drug use.    
--Psychological traumas or psychiatric conditions unless supervised  
--Stroke and /or brain injury patients without supervision   The list
goes on.. My point is that mis-information about health conditions  and
treatment protocols  are pervasive, especially on the internet.     To
be clear, I am not at all directing that comment to JM  or anyone else
here.  I am  saying that each individual should seek face-to-face
guidance on any health complaint with a qualified professional, to
review treatment options.   Nuff said...   I'm off to Asia in a week or
so.  My best to all here..   Kristy

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