Gosh-- of   course not.  I think breath work is invaluable.. I teach it every 
day in classes.  I sense that you missed my point.  I am truly curious why you 
made the statement below. Clearly, you must have a reason.  This isn't a 
competition. Its a discussion group. If you resent the question, say so.
As for Dave-- whatever he wants to do is fine. its his life.  But he posted 
here in a public forum abot  his frustration over 15 years of a 
less-than-successful medical outcome.
If you need to be right, and want to be the  only one responding to his 
situation, that's fine. But then, its not Dave that  matters then, is it?  I'm 
only offering my perspective.  Take it or leave it. 
But --that said, you are inferring I asked you the question  as a means to 
facilitate a medical dialogue.  I was  merely asking a sincere question. i did 
not attach a post from anyone else. I'm curious. Please share why you believe 
this is true--if you want to.

Be well.. K
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Hi Kristy,

I know you meant well.  So do I.

Instead of getting into scientific or medical discussion,   why don't we let 
Dave breathe for a month and see what happens.  Unless you believe breathing 
would make OCD worse?

Be Enlightened In This Life - We ALL Can

On 1/3/2011 6:22 PM, Kristy McClain wrote: 

Hi JM,
 Stress the mind is the cause of the OCD.
Please share  why you believe this is true.



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