Hi meekerdb 

I completely disagree. Regardless of the Church, 
which is a human activity, the Bible provided western man 
with a completely new, revolutionary view of existence that 
has become the basis for science.

The Bible, as far as I know, is the only sacred scripture
that is choronological, time-based, as well as historical.
So time was real, as well as events. They could be examined,
at least in part, rationally. And the world was good, if
imperfect, not evil hence not worth studying, as in
gnosticism and platonism. And God said for us to celebrate
it, to make the most of it; "The Heavens are telling the 
glory of God."

It even contains a semi-realistic account of creation and 
the origins of man and morality that is spiritually meaningful, 
if not completely scientific.

There are whole books discussing this more scholarly and
in more detail. 

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On 1/24/2013 8:33 AM, Richard Ruquist wrote: 
This is exactly what happened to Islam in the 1300s.
After the fundamentalists took over, rationality was dispensed with,
and centuries of scientific progress were deemed sufficient for Islam
for all time. And so it seems that Islam went from world leadership in
science to where it is today.

Fortunately the same did not happen to the Christians. But based on
John's comments, I wonder why not.

But it did happen.? The Greeks already knew the Earth was a sphere, how far 
away and how big the Sun was.? They had a speculative idea of biological 
evolution.? They had the concept of atoms and how all matter might be 
constructed from just a few basic components in different combinations.? 
Aristotle was an empiricist.? If it had not been for the early Church's 
emphasis on faith, dogma, and rationalism, science would be centuries more 


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