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> the Bible provided western man with a completely new, revolutionary view
> of existence

New?! The Bible is just a rehash of other Bronze age myths that it
plagiarized from older religions.

The Persian God Mithra, popular in 600 BC, was the son of the Sun God and
was born on December 25. Mithra performed miracles, died, and was
resurrected on the third day. Mithra was also called "the good shepherd"
and had twelve companions that went with him when he traveled and taught.

In 1000BC people thought the God Krishna was a carpenter born of a virgin
and was baptized in a river.

In 1200BC according to the Egyptian Book of the Dead the God Horus was the
son of the God Osiris and was born to a virgin mother (even back then
contradictions never bothered religion). Horus was baptized and the
baptizer was later beheaded. Horus was tempted in the desert. Horus healed
the sick and the blind. Horus cast out daemons. Horus raised a fellow named
"Asar" from the dead. Horus walked on water.  Horus had 12 disciples. Horus
was affixed to a cross and killed but after 3 days 2 women announced that
"Horus our savior has been resurrected".

> > The Bible, as far as I know, is the only sacred scripture that is
> choronological, time-based, as well as historical.

Even forgetting the silly miracles much of the stuff in the Bible that
could be true apparently isn't. For example, there is not one scrap of
archeological evidence that any part of the exodus story is true, no
evidence that the Jews were ever slaves in Egypt or wondered in the desert
for 40 years. Nor is there any evidence, as there certainly would have been
if it was true, that there was a tax census that compelled Joseph and Mary
to go to Bethlehem at the time of Jesus birth, nor would issuing such a
decree even make sense for the Romans.

> There are whole books discussing this

And there are whole books discussing Gilligan's Island which deserve equal

  John K Clark

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