On 4/29/2013 7:15 AM, Telmo Menezes wrote:
One of the terrifying things about the previous scenario is that
computers might start evolving from a vantage point where they
recognise emotions like "being offended" as a weakness.

Or worse, they are offended.

There is a strange loop (à la Hofstadter) hidden in all this. As I
argued before, intelligence is goal-centric. What is the goal of a
human being or even our species? What is the goal of a computer or the
computer species? Right now we decide 100% what the goal of the
computer is. One day we might lose control of that. That day might
come when computers attain the ability for self-replication -- not in
a simulation but in this actual world we live in. This day may be
drawing close.

If they achieve replication then evolution will take over and the fittest computers will command the most resources and have the most copies made and...Oh, never mind.


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