On 27 November 2013 07:22, meekerdb <meeke...@verizon.net> wrote:

> Suppose you work for yourself instead of society.  Or as George Carlin put
> it, "If I'm here for other people, what are those other people here for?"

"What has posterity ever done for me?"

This is an evolutionary choice between being a loner or a herd animal. Some
predators tend to be loners, a lot of prey tend to be herd animals. Humans
appear to be prey - we generally do a poor job of surviving long term
without the protection of society.

Much as I like George Carlin, he wouldn't last long without the help of
"all those other people" he's being dismissive of (or was he being ironic,
to make a point? Sometimes it's hard to tell out of context). No one works
for themselves in practice, though a lot of people would like to think they
do, while happily accepting the benefits of living in a society - clean
water, food, lack of predators, shelter etc. It should be a reciprocal

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