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        Suppose you work for yourself instead of society.  Or as George Carlin 
put it,
        "If I'm here for other people, what are those other people here for?"

    "What has posterity ever done for me?"

    This is an evolutionary choice between being a loner or a herd animal. Some
    predators tend to be loners, a lot of prey tend to be herd animals. Humans 
    to be prey - we generally do a poor job of surviving long term without the
    protection of society.
    Wolves and orcas are 'herd' animals too.

You did notice that I said "some" predators, right?

Sure. But you inferred that humans are prey animals. That seems very doubtful. Even Australopithecus was apparently a hunter (c.f. Robert Audrey "African Genesis"). Chimps and baboons sometimes hunt. I think humans are a lot more like wolves than like antelopes.


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