On 1/11/2019 2:36 PM, Philip Thrift wrote:
Of course there are math professors (Dr. Z at Rutgers) who teach on the evils of Platonism. And "Truth" is like God, as Rorty said.

That is a good summary of Plato. Hirsschberger sum up Plato by saying that the God of Plato is Truth. Not the one we make public, but the one we search.

Now, all my life I have got the feeling that Plato is dismissed, and badly seen, notably in opposition to Aristotle. But Aristotle did not understood Plato, except in a curious passage of the “metaphysics” where he seems to suddenly got the point, and seems to come back to Plato without saying (but that is an optimistic reading of Aristotle’s metaphysics, To be sure I found some scholars who saw that too, like Gerson.

That "truth is God" makes sense for a computationalist, because “truth” when encompassing the description of a machine at its correct substitution level, is no more definable by that machine. Yes, Truth, and semantics, is very much like the platonician notion of God. You force me to agree with Rorty on this!

At the same time Rorty said,"Truth is like God" he was a "strict atheist".  He was also a pragmatist, meaning he thought the measure of truth was solely whether it worked.  So I'd gather that Rorty didn't think that "truth" was very useful idea; which is confirmed by him being called an "ironist" by his friends.


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