Hai a Leslie,

Sin agad e. (There you have it.)
Sin thu fhe\in. (Good for you.)

Mhothaich mi facal no dha\, mar seo:
I noticed a word or two, like this:

   A bheil thu a' dnadh na bth?

Extra marks for using the genitive after a verbal noun, but I believe it's 
na bu\tha.

  Dhin mi an doras.
>       Did you close the shop?
>       Yes.  I closed the door.
>   Chan eil mi ag fnadh air do mhathair.  * a' fo\nadh*
>   Dh' fhon mi mar tha i.
>      I am not phoning your mother.
>      I phoned her already.
>   Tha mi ag ionnsachadh na Gaidhlige fhathast.
>   Dh' ionnsaich mi am facal r an duigh. *you don't need the 'am' here*
>       I am still learning the Gaelic.
>       I learned a new word today.
>   Tha Mairi a' seinn a nochd.
>   Sheinn i gu math an raoir.
>     Mary is singing tonight.
>     She sang well last night.
>   Tha Iain a' snmh anns an loch.
>   Snmh  *shna\mh* mi ann an d.  Bha i ro fhuar.
>      Ian is swimming in the lake.
>      I swam in it yesterday.  It was too cold.

Obair mhath, a Leslie. (Good work, L.)


PS If anyone else wants to comment please jump in. As Angus said, we're one 
big family.

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