A Leslie chir,

Math thu - fhin! (good for you!), 

Ach, feuch seo:
(but try this).

>A bheil thu a' dnadh na bth?
>Did you close the shop?

This is in the present tense, and says:"Are you closing the shop?"
The genitive form of 'bth' is 'btha', so I would write,

A' bheil thu a' dnadh na btha?

"Did you close the shop?" is:
An do din thu a' bhth?

But this is going beyond what Ted asked. 

>Chan eil mi ag fnadh air do mhathair.  

Chan eil mi a' fnadh gu do mhthair.

>Dh' ionnsaich mi am facal r an duigh.
>I learned a new word today.

This says - "I learned the new word today" - leave out 'am' for 'a new word'.

>Snmh mi ann an d.  
>I swam in it yesterday

This says - "I swam there yesterday"

>Bha i ro fhuar.
Since you are referring to the loch, which is masculine, you might want
to change this to "Bha e ro fhuar"

le drachd

"Tr gun chnan, tr gun anam."
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