Re: [CGUYS] electronics failures

2007-04-11 Thread b_s-wilk
Can a brown-out also cause damage to electronics? * == QUICK LIST-COMMAND REFERENCE - Put the following commands in == * == the body of an email send 'em to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] == * Join the list: SUBSCRIBE COMPUTERGUYS-L

Re: [CGUYS] Nokia cell phones

2007-04-19 Thread b_s-wilk
Does anyone on the group, that lives in the DC-Metro area, use this type of cell phone? Christopher Yes. I have an 1100, 3595, 6010, 3220. I also have a Samsung flip phone that I hate. All get good reception, but flip phones are pointless--takes more effort to use--sliders aren't too bad,

[CGUYS] Tinkerers in the treehouse

2007-04-20 Thread b_s-wilk
In terms of real scientific tinkering, what was common for experiments is data acquisition cards. I don't know if either system is more amenable but even in the mid-90's there were literally dozens of Visual Basic packages for using DAC's in different types of experimental set-up (dozens

[CGUYS] iPhoto question

2007-04-23 Thread b_s-wilk
I received this question from a friend who takes a lot of photos and stores them in iPhoto on several Macs. I don't use iPhoto and could find only one shareware app that might help. Are there other choices than iPhoto Library Manager? The data is stored in several data files in the library,

Re: [CGUYS] Tinkerers in the treehouse

2007-04-23 Thread b_s-wilk
But since you bring it up, I do get the argument about tinkering. If the Mac is a great platform well designed and responsive to a whole range of needs (which must be true if my MacMini is represenative) then buying a Mac to radically mod or adapt it is like buying a Caddy or Porsche when

Re: [CGUYS] iPhoto question

2007-04-24 Thread b_s-wilk
Ron - Check the link below. How does one move a folder full of images with keywords and descriptions assigned to them and not lose this information in the process. Lots of info here: BUT! iPhoto is not a good way to work with lots of photos.

Re: [CGUYS] Dust on a scanner

2007-05-01 Thread b_s-wilk
I've tried all manner of pressing prying, but the glass is in there to stay. Sometimes the screws are on the bottom. The whole case lifts off. Be very careful with the glass. A careless former colleague of mine broke a large piece of glass on a press camera. She was horrified when she

[CGUYS] FREE PDF editor needed for OSX

2007-05-02 Thread b_s-wilk
Every couple years I have ocasion to need to fill out a PDF. Anyone know of a free one for OS X I'm at 10.39 John, Preview in OS X Tiger has an annotation tool that can be used to fill out a form. I don't think it's in Panther, however, does Preview from Tiger work in Panther? I haven't

Re: [CGUYS] Comparing Mac and PC laptops

2007-05-03 Thread b_s-wilk
As always, the choice of computer should reflect the kind of software that will be used. For people in the creative arts, most agencies and video houses use Macs. Creative software, even when cross-platform, is written better for Macs [fewer steps, more intuitive, with features built into the

Re: [CGUYS] Landscape Object in Word

2007-05-03 Thread b_s-wilk
I¹m trying to insert an Excel spreadsheet into an MS Word document so it appears and prints in landscape orientation. This is on a Mac. I followed the instructions in Word: select pages - format - document - page setup - landscape icon - OK - apply to selected text. Word inserts a ³section

Re: [CGUYS] flummoxed by mht

2007-05-06 Thread b_s-wilk
in winXPhomeSP2 with Opera 9.2 and M$IE7 I am unable to get explorer to accept to make opera the default app to read .mht files come ? I select an .mht file, right click, select open with, browse to opera's executable, select it, check always open with and click apply and exit and it

Re: [CGUYS] USB Flash drive

2007-05-07 Thread b_s-wilk
Good work! Where's the step by step how-to video? Betty * == QUICK LIST-COMMAND REFERENCE - Put the following commands in == * == the body of an email send 'em to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] == * Join the list: SUBSCRIBE

Re: [CGUYS] Hack a Mac, was ...Crackhouse

2007-05-09 Thread b_s-wilk
You need to reread the facts. 1) This was not a hack of the Mac OS. This was a hack of QuickTime. The same method of attack works on both Macs and PCs, thus demonstrating further that this is not a hack of the Mac OS. It is a hack of

Re: [CGUYS] Loss of quality in ripping CDs?

2007-05-09 Thread b_s-wilk
Philips/Sony Red Book standard for digital audio is AIFF, not WAV. There are slight differences in byte order and compression for raw AIFF and WAV files. The settings should be uncompressed 44.1KHz, 16-bit, stereo, PCM for the original recording. Does EAC make an exact copy, or does it convert

Re: [CGUYS] digital pics

2007-05-09 Thread b_s-wilk
At 10:35 AM 05/09/2007 -0400, Tony B wrote I don't know her, but in general these are often also some of the worst photographers - taking 100 pics and keeping all 100 of them! Of course, with digital cameras it's sometimes advisable to overshoot, but if I can't delete 90% of the pics I take I

Re: [CGUYS] Upgrading Laptop Hard Drive

2007-05-09 Thread b_s-wilk
I've just about filled up the 60G hard drive that came on my Thinkpad. I'm looking at upgrading to a 160G replacement but I have a couple of qualms. I use Danz Retrospect backup software and have a complete system backup to restore from. My plan was to install Win XP, then Retrospect, then

Re: [CGUYS] Bees on the Beeb

2007-05-09 Thread b_s-wilk
More on bees and cellphones: on the BBC News Hour, a discussion about colony collapse syndrome and cellphones. One of the interviewees was some kind of officer of Vodaphone, and he didn't think that cellphones were involved. (Quelle surprise.) Tomorrow (Thursday): more bees on WAMU, on the

Re: [CGUYS] Upgrading Laptop Hard Drive

2007-05-10 Thread b_s-wilk
I agree with the Betty as to getting an external drive for infrequently accessed data. I use my iPod. * == QUICK LIST-COMMAND REFERENCE - Put the following commands in == * == the body of an email send 'em to: [EMAIL

Re: [CGUYS] Mac compatible printers -- recommendations?

2007-05-11 Thread b_s-wilk
Do you really need color? Lasers are a good value compared with free inkjets. I have 2 cheap laser printers that print OK -- HP LJ1012 ~$120 [3 yrs ago], Samsung ML2010 $20 after rebate and price match last year. I set up Printer Sharing on 2 Macs and can print from 3 Macs and a PC. I would


2007-05-16 Thread b_s-wilk
How come a consumer cannot seem to be able to buy just a couple of DVD-RWs? Why do I have to buy a 10-pack? Who needs 10 rewritables? Is this the Costcoization of the marketplace? Everything like this in bulk? We have a DVD recorder that's connected to our satellite receiver, and to a VCR.


2007-05-17 Thread b_s-wilk
Fred Holmes [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I suspect that some folks who haven't yet gone to TiVo, etc., use today a DVD recorder in place of the VCR of a few years ago to occasionally record a program they want to keep. DVD-RWs make sense if you plan to re-use the media. Might want to have enough

Re: [CGUYS] Google desktop

2007-05-23 Thread b_s-wilk
Google Desktop has been a problem. Soon after installation, Google Desktop use up to 99% of my CPU for searching the same file for a day or more: a graphics file. Can you restrict what Google Desktop indexes to a particular set of files or set of directories? I know I can with Apple

Re: [CGUYS] the Myth of TiVo [was Re: DVD-RW]

2007-05-23 Thread b_s-wilk
The surest sign of downward regress is a civilization that's too damn lazy to look things up and keep track of them. Mourning the passage of the buggy whip? Nope. Tired of looking at so many grossly obese Americans. H. Buggy whip. Kinky.

Re: [CGUYS] Comparing Mac and PC laptops

2007-05-23 Thread b_s-wilk
Also, does the MacBook Pro come with an emulation program for Windows? If not, what is recommended (we have CDs with Windows ME, XP Home, 2000, and XP Pro available to install if needed). After a short time, she'll realize that she won't need to use Windows programs. Until then, there's

Re: [CGUYS] Google desktop

2007-05-24 Thread b_s-wilk
Have you tried EasyFind? Don't like it. Slow. Not enough choices. None of them could find the chocolate chip cookie recipe in the system. Of course. This is not a good tool for searching file contents as it does not index files beforehand. It is

Re: [CGUYS] Need recommendation for high-end (non-Apple) laptop

2007-05-25 Thread b_s-wilk
Does it have to be Intel? 2GB RAM, 1GB video - cyborg [neon] green, conspiracy [electric] blue, or saucer silver Unlimited budget?

[CGUYS] Blink

2007-05-27 Thread b_s-wilk
I stopped at a Wawa convenience store for gas today. Next to the pump is a display with applications for their Visa card. It's a blink card [RFID] from Chase. Does this kind of card come with a protective cover to keep it from blinking without your knowledge? Can the RFID reader and computer

Re: [CGUYS] Blink

2007-05-28 Thread b_s-wilk
A good or bad idea depends upon which side of the card you are on, so to speak. An RFID chip can have many applications. It can be employed to track your movements, using an exciter at various locations to power up the RFID chip causing it to transmit the personal data contained therein. This

Re: [CGUYS] The Consequences of EULA Violation

2007-05-28 Thread b_s-wilk
Have there been cases where the software developer succeeded in suing for EULA violations? State? Federal? Foreign? * == QUICK LIST-COMMAND REFERENCE - Put the following commands in == * == the body of an email send 'em

Re: [CGUYS] CPU Exhaust Fan Running In Super Fast Mode

2007-05-30 Thread b_s-wilk
I would guess: a) Something is running hot (Maybe CPU) and the fan is trying to cool the machine b) A temperature sensor is broken and the machine thinks it is always hot c) dust on the fan and/or fan cover/exhaust vent I've opened many computers. It's amazing how some of them can run

[CGUYS] Apple hides account info in DRM-free music

2007-05-30 Thread b_s-wilk
Songs sold by the Apple iTunes store without DRM still have a user's full name and account e-mail embedded in them, reports Arstechnica. After examining the files Arstechnica noticed their names and e-mail addresses in the files, and they've found corroboration of the find at TUAW, The

Re: [CGUYS] PDF files in a Macintosh environment

2007-05-31 Thread b_s-wilk
What exactly does cannot be coherently viewed mean in your experience ? I mean that the PDF files are garbled. Incoherent. Alpha numeric characters, but in a form that is nonsense. Graphic files are reproduced just fine, but not the text. This is rare, but happens nonetheless. I

Re: [CGUYS] PDF files in a Macintosh environment

2007-06-01 Thread b_s-wilk
Newer PDF files available at the Fairfax County government website are not readable with any of the various PDF viewers I have on my Mac under 10.3.9, except for any embedded bit mapped graphic files contained therein. The text portions are garbled. Older PDF files on the site are fully

[CGUYS] wireless connection problems

2007-06-03 Thread b_s-wilk
My husband, Bob, has two Dell Inspiron and one Latitude notebooks he bought for his middle school library 2 years ago to lend to teachers when they need to use them. He lent one of the Inspirons out last week, and when he got it back he couldn't connect to the Internet via WiFi. It does

Re: [CGUYS] wireless connection problems

2007-06-04 Thread b_s-wilk
All of the connection services in Network Connections were turned on [and fighting with each other]. Why? is that the default? Firewall is turned on in the DSL modem and for notebook. I also changed to a different wireless channel. In the new User, I turned off everything except TCP/IP, and

Re: [CGUYS] Passport RFID

2007-07-17 Thread b_s-wilk
I rarely carry my passport with me while traveling, except when I need it to get through passport control. A photocopy of the photo and information page is enough in most cases for ID, even in banks. I also make a copy of the visa stamp in countries where they actually care about seeing the

Re: [CGUYS] Cell Coverage [Was: Will the iPhone Change Everything?

2007-07-18 Thread b_s-wilk
I just returned from 5 weeks traveling overseas. I took two cell phones with me. My Nokia is [a toy] triband with 1800MHz service; the Samsung hand-me-down has 900MHz. Some day I'll find a simple quadband WiFi candy bar or slider phone that I like for a good price. The iPhone is a bar phone, but

Re: [CGUYS] Passport RFID

2007-07-19 Thread b_s-wilk
Tom Campbell [EMAIL PROTECTED] escribió: idiot hyperbole those of us who have to live with a fascist administration. Nope. Not hyperbole, unfortunately. That is what many people we met overseas have told us as we traveled the past few years, including last week, again. I hadn't

Re: [CGUYS] Firefox Freezes

2007-07-19 Thread b_s-wilk
Do you have a clean backup of the preferences? Just the bookmarks.html file? First try replacing only the bookmarks file. If that doesn't work, replace the preferences. Create a new profile with everything you like and don't use it. Copy this profile next time the main one breaks. Also backup

Re: [CGUYS] On Topic [Was: Not on topic]

2007-07-19 Thread b_s-wilk
Topic was RFID in US passports. Comments are about being identified without permission and how that affects safety. People who don't travel outside of the country or who travel infrequently may not be aware of the possible outcomes of the technology plus the reactions of foreigners to it and

Re: [CGUYS] iPhone cracked

2007-07-28 Thread b_s-wilk
The discrepancy may be for people who bought the iPhone and use it with PAYGO. That wouldn't register as a regular ATT account, since you don't have to give personal information to sign up. The phone can't be opened to switch SIM cards, but it wouldn't surprise me if it's been done

Re: [CGUYS] Apple Posts Record Quarterly Profit

2007-07-28 Thread b_s-wilk
Come on, Mark. Maybe 2% is all the Mac visitors to Tony's site. The rest aren't interested in going there. That's his stats, not Apple's reality. Sounds like sour grapes. I'm buying a new MacBook so I can run multiple OS's and do some artwork. My husband replaced his iBook with a Compaq

[CGUYS] Browser Stats [was: Re: Apple Posts Record Quarterly Profit]

2007-07-30 Thread b_s-wilk
Browser stats can be wrong, and they often are. There are still too many sites with browser sniffers that use them to redirect visitors or to block them. As a result, many of us who use browsers and operating systems that poor developers deem to be unworthy, have to mask our identities, or

Re: [CGUYS] How do I play WVX on OS 10.4 Macs ?

2007-07-30 Thread b_s-wilk
mike [EMAIL PROTECTED] escribió: It's not broken. Works fine on windows, it's just a webmaster who is shortsighted about his potential visitors. Yes, it's broken. The Internet is designed to be operating system and browser neutral, within reason. I don't expect webmasters to make sites

Re: [CGUYS] new MacBook

2007-07-30 Thread b_s-wilk
Betty - Wondering your thoughts about using the new MacBook you will purchase? I visited the Apple Store yesterday, ran CS3 on a MacPro (probably it was a beta, but the store closed before I could ask), and the processing was slower than my current G4 experience with CS2. I'm a


2007-08-01 Thread b_s-wilk
Anyone planning to travel to Berlin soon, like next week? Here's a special event for computer hackers [and associated life-forms], campers, sunshine lovers [weather should clear up by the 10th], artists and party lovers. These characters, er, artists, invite me to fun events all over the

Re: [CGUYS] Memory question

2007-08-04 Thread b_s-wilk
Well that explains the high load. Maybe you should try your streaming with iTunes? Also have Photoshop CS2 with 2 photos open and iTunes. PS is a memory hog. How big are the photos? If big then you should follow Adobe's instructions on memory management. And all of my widgets are running

Re: [CGUYS] Memory question

2007-08-05 Thread b_s-wilk
It seems you have no shortage of good advice here but: If I were you I'd look closer at each CPU hog and see what it's doing or if there are settings you could change to stop this behavior. For example, there are certainly setting in Camino you could alter, but I'd start by closing one tab at

Re: [CGUYS] Memory question

2007-08-06 Thread b_s-wilk
Today I downloaded a version of Flashblock that finally works with SeaMonkey. I've used Flashblock with Firefox for ages, but it's not my primary browser. Best thing is that it worked immediately--before quitting and restarting the program! [I'd better back it up before it breaks] Happy

Re: [CGUYS] Memory question

2007-08-07 Thread b_s-wilk
But, would the flash things running overnight on a Mozilla type browser cause OSX to close? Mozilla's browsers have had a memory leak bug on and off for a long time. The leak can cause the browser to crash, but I haven't seen it crash OS X. [Mozilla doesn't install anything in root.] Running


2007-08-07 Thread b_s-wilk
I spoke to someone who got FIOS, hated it--not as promised, and was told that he couldn't go back to POTS. Since FIOS isn't even necessary for high speed broadband, and is very expensive, it appears to be a really bad deal. His phone/broadband bill is more than 3x what he had and he's stuck

[CGUYS] Compaq, Vista doesn't connect

2007-08-08 Thread b_s-wilk
My husband picked up a 'hot' deal on a new Compaq notebook [almost free], for basic web surfing and word processing. It connects to the Internet OK via ethernet, but the WiFi has problems. It 'sees' the network, but doesn't connect. Reception is poor, even when sitting next to the switch.

[CGUYS] Vista -- XP Pro

2007-08-08 Thread b_s-wilk
Any way to use a Dell XP Pro installer on a Compaq notebook? Thx Betty * == QUICK LIST-COMMAND REFERENCE - Put the following commands in == * == the body of an email send 'em to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] == * Join the list:

Re: [CGUYS] Vista -- XP Pro

2007-08-08 Thread b_s-wilk
I don't know, what does your lawyer say? On 8/8/07, b_s-wilk [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Any way to use a Dell XP Pro installer on a Compaq notebook? Thx The Dell is gone. All that's left is the disk. Hmmm. That's odd. I can use the same installer on my Macs. The licensing dark forest

Re: [CGUYS] Vista -- XP Pro

2007-08-08 Thread b_s-wilk
Did they purchase XP, or did the laptop mfg do a free downgrade? This empirical evidence may contribute to the discussion: My son is starting freshman year at college. Two of his friends ordered new laptops through their Universities, which were delivered with Vista. Both students are Comp.

Re: [CGUYS] Memory question.....Tom?

2007-08-08 Thread b_s-wilk
Re: Memory question.Tom? But, would the flash things running overnight on a Mozilla type browser cause OSX to close? Looks like there may be more than one thing amiss. Need to clear things out to get a better picture of what is causeing your CPU problem. This shutting down of OSX is


2007-08-08 Thread b_s-wilk
Your service in metro DC is wonderful compared to where I live on the eastern shore. There's no competition. Speeds are slow and slower. Wow! I'll take that 30Mbps FIOS. How much does it cost? We're not likely to see FIOS around here for at least another 5 years, if ever. We have no choice

Re: [CGUYS] bandwidth

2007-08-13 Thread b_s-wilk
And which frequency that they're auctioning will mess with shortwave? * == QUICK LIST-COMMAND REFERENCE - Put the following commands in == * == the body of an email send 'em to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] == * Join the list:

Re: [CGUYS] Missing messages?

2007-08-16 Thread b_s-wilk
Time stamp and delays depend on reliability and location of outgoing and incoming servers, unless your battery is getting weak. I usually use a U.S. based server, but when there's high traffic, I switch to one of Yahoo's foreign servers. I'm curious about time stamps, so I'm using a server in

Re: [CGUYS] SMS Spam

2007-08-17 Thread b_s-wilk
I am receiving approximately 10 spam SMS text messages on my cell phone each day. They say they are coming from telephone number (000)000-. ATT, my cellular provider, suggested sending the message, ³Stop² as a reply message. Of course, the telephone number is invalid, so this didn¹t

Re: [CGUYS] Advice about a Mac

2007-08-19 Thread b_s-wilk
I'd wait, if for nothing else to make sure you get the newest os at the cheapest price. If you do decide to get it now, upgrading the OS in X is painless and easy. I'd buy the current Mac with 10.4--AFTER the release date for 10.5/Leopard is announced. That way you have the current OS and

Re: [CGUYS] Pro Apple Agitprop (on topic!)

2007-08-19 Thread b_s-wilk
Why not start with using photos of the art as your screensaver. Select a folder of art so that the pictures will fade in and fade to the next photo as people walk by. That could spark some curiosity. Tell them how easy it is to do that, then show them how. Then clear off the desktop and leave a

Re: [CGUYS] Pro Apple Agitprop (on topic!)

2007-08-20 Thread b_s-wilk
Set a self-running slide show. Include a slide or two with simple how-to info. Put the info slide as every 5th slide or so. Do something to encourage people to touch the Mac. I used to throw soft-porn photos into preliminary slide presentations to keep the viewers awake. heh heh. It worked.

Re: [CGUYS] Change in Terminology AND broken iBooks

2007-08-23 Thread b_s-wilk
Constance Warner sez: There isn't any special tool to remove a broken prong that's stuck in the power port of an iBook; this from Alan Carroll of macUpgrades (disclosure: he's my husband). The remedy: have the power port replaced What does Alan charge to replace the port? Apple has a flat

[CGUYS] Compaq, Vista finally connects

2007-08-25 Thread b_s-wilk
We finally got the new Compaq notebook to connect to our Westell DSL modem to use the Internet. The answer is on, might be linked from this or something like it,, or Seems that Vista is

Re: [CGUYS] can't load site on Mac

2007-08-27 Thread b_s-wilk
I turned off the firewall and the site loads. In System Preferences/Sharing/Firewall/Advanced.../Enable Firewall Logging/Open Log, what does this logged item mean: Aug 26 23:46:02 bettys-Computer ipfw: 12190 Deny TCP in via en0 (frag 32773:[EMAIL PROTECTED]) Why is

Re: [CGUYS] Change in Terminology AND broken ibooks

2007-08-27 Thread b_s-wilk
The last question I have herethough is on eBay sellers. If I take the eBay route to purchase thenew one, I'm a bit skittish since I haven't purchased anything fromthere before. Have any of you purchased computers from someone morethan once? Arnold [EMAIL PROTECTED] The best deals I've

Re: [CGUYS] Change in Terminology AND broken ibooks

2007-08-28 Thread b_s-wilk
I took my iBook to the Apple Store today and they don't have a 'special tool' to fix the broken plug tip. However, at our Mac club meeting I got a terrific suggestion--dental tools. You know that scary looking narrow curved hook think that they use to clean between teeth? I'm calling my

[CGUYS] IP address lookup

2007-08-30 Thread b_s-wilk
What's a site to look up an IP address of a web page? I thought I had it bookmarked, but can't find it [must clean up bookmarks]; thought it was, whois, icann, internic; sometimes helps. Been having problems with our DSL [intermittent connection], including DNS issues

Re: [CGUYS] lcd/dlp/plasma

2007-08-30 Thread b_s-wilk
Thanks for the quick input...looks like i will be going for LCD. Now, who can come over and convince my wife? Does she like a deal? We bought a 37 LCD and a 42 plasma, both Philips, at Costco. We joined Costco at the $100 business membership, getting an AmEx card, too. With 1-3% rebates on

Re: [CGUYS] Now I am in troubles...

2007-09-03 Thread b_s-wilk
David Newhall [EMAIL PROTECTED] escribió: Now I am in troubles... If you are using a router try connecting directly to the modem. If that works, you know it is a router issue. I spent many hours trying to solve a similar situation. DNS lookup didn't work for the iMac connected directly to the

[CGUYS] lost email threads [ was: Re: Bill Nye...]

2007-09-04 Thread b_s-wilk
If I had known this was going to get so interesting, I would not have deleted the original exchange last week. Jordan not gone--archived: That's OK, I dug through the trash to refresh my memory. I have gmail accounts, but I

Re: [CGUYS] Dash

2007-09-06 Thread b_s-wilk
Tmobile Dash? AKA HTC excaliber...anyone got one? Thoughts? I was thinking of one, 50 bux for the phone, mainly used for IM and text msging. And of course as a phone. $50 I'll take two. Where? Are you sure that isn't a typo? This is a ~$500 phone with good specs--GSM quadband, WiFi,

[CGUYS] vector vs. raster -- Mac apps

2007-09-06 Thread b_s-wilk
Although AppleWorks and Pages can use vector tools like a bezier to create drawings, the output is raster/bitmapped. Can Pages output Postscript [AppleWorks doesn't]? I don't see any support documents with this claim, however there are people who teach this in college courses. Are they

[CGUYS] [Fwd: Steve Jobs gives back $100]

2007-09-06 Thread b_s-wilk
Original Message Subject: Steve Jobs gives back $100 Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 16:07:03 -0400 To all iPhone customers: I have received hundreds of emails from iPhone customers who are upset about Apple dropping the price of iPhone

Re: [CGUYS] Apple Store acting weird

2007-09-06 Thread b_s-wilk
Lots of people want those new iPods and the cheaper phones. The servers are overloaded. I waited until after midnight EDT and the store site loaded quickly again. It locked up my Mozilla, Firefox AND Safari browsers Wednesday afternoon, but rather than force-quitting, I waited a while, and

Re: [CGUYS] [Fwd: Steve Jobs gives back $100]

2007-09-06 Thread b_s-wilk
Apple has lowered prices quickly on new technology before, without any refunds--it happens a lot with new technology from other companies too. I bought a computer a decade ago a week before a newer, faster model was released for the same price--bummer--no refunds or apologies, even though the

Re: [CGUYS] vector vs. raster -- Mac apps

2007-09-10 Thread b_s-wilk
Good question. I have been wanting to take a look at the new Numbers component in iWork so... Scaling the graphic within the program proves nothing because the program could be doing whatever. So got to get the graphic out and see how it behaves. The easiest way to get the graphic out is

Re: [CGUYS] iPod cases

2007-09-11 Thread b_s-wilk
On 9/10/07, Charles Ballinger [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have a 30GB iPod and need to buy a case for it. It spends most of its time clipped into a bag, slipped into a jacket pocket, or sitting on a table. I charge it via USB (no dock) and also plug a Griffin iTalk microphone into it

[CGUYS] No sound in Vista -- Internet streams

2007-09-11 Thread b_s-wilk
Repost: Please help!! No sound from online streaming content. Now sound files play, except you can't hear most of them. --- New Compaq notebook plays CDs and music files that are on the hard drive with good sound--speakers are excellent. It would be great if Internet streams and online audio

[CGUYS] [Fwd: Walgreen's offers free ink refills]

2007-09-12 Thread b_s-wilk
Free Ink? I like free. Original Message Subject: Walgreen's offers free ink refills Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 12:43:04 -0400 Extremetech is reporting that Walgreens is offering one free ink jet refill to promote their refilling service. This will happen on Wednesday, September

Re: [CGUYS] [Fwd: Walgreen's offers free ink refills]

2007-09-13 Thread b_s-wilk
Randy [EMAIL PROTECTED] escribió: Beginning to get jealous of people who live within close proximity to Walgreens or Walmart! Walgreen's yes, it's a good store. Walmart no, it's owned by evil trolls who lure you with phony low prices, then steal your money by not paying taxes.

Re: [CGUYS] Digital future

2007-09-15 Thread b_s-wilk
The main reason I keep my old SLR cameras -- Pentax and Canon -- is to shoot and print breathtaking photos. I used to do posters and print them in a friend's studio [he was a National Geographic photographer]. There isn't an affordable digital camera that can come close to the quality of the

Re: [CGUYS] Opinions on this?

2007-09-15 Thread b_s-wilk
You can own a bicycle. You can own a refrigerator. You can own a computer. However you can only license the code that makes the computer do things for you--you don't own someone else's intellectual property. The problem isn't ownership, it's the contract--and piracy. Contracts need to be

Re: [CGUYS] A Window of Opportunity for Macs, Soon to Close

2007-09-16 Thread b_s-wilk
In contrast, Computerworld sez: When you subtract all the people in the third world who are inclined to get the cheapest computer and use pirated software, you're left with a totally

Re: [CGUYS] A Window of Opportunity for Macs, Soon to Close

2007-09-16 Thread b_s-wilk
Except the article isn't talking about users. He's talking about Apple as a company possibly missing an opportunity. So it's not that the author of the article doesn't get it, you are missing the point of the article. Macs have often been compared to ferrari or bmw..companies not after

[CGUYS] VirtualPC and Vista

2007-09-18 Thread b_s-wilk
Microsoft is offering VirtualPC as a free download. Rather than try to delete Vista from a new computer, how well does an earlier version of Windows run inside VPC? No gaming, or anything that's processor intensive, other than VPC and Vista.

Re: [CGUYS] Processor speed for video work

2007-09-19 Thread b_s-wilk
Any new iMac, Mini or MacBook, dual core, will be fine. My new MacBook has so much more power than my old G4, but I used that old Mac to create and edit dozens of movies, using several different programs--yes you DO have good choices, including open source like Jahshaka, free iMovie/iDVD--you

Re: [CGUYS] controlling IP address access

2007-09-20 Thread b_s-wilk
See my 12:29 post earlier in the day. The issue is homework. The sex is inevitable and will take care of itself. College entry is not inevitable. I'd like the option of blocking RuneScape and the like until the homework is done. Why not block access completely until homework is done, and

Re: [CGUYS] controlling IP address access

2007-09-21 Thread b_s-wilk
I appreciate the time and effort you put into helping me resolve the parenting aspect of my problem. The circular logic of your last two sentences escapes me however. There's a difference between a lockdown and guidance. When you're around to provide encouragement and rewards for doing

Re: [CGUYS] controlling IP address access

2007-09-21 Thread b_s-wilk
State of Delaware schools use Blue Coat, Try their free K9 home version, It uses a web-based database. Unless your kids are fairly young, they'll get around it soon. Best thing about it -- it's free. Platform: Windows. FAQ claims that

Re: [CGUYS] controlling IP address access

2007-09-21 Thread b_s-wilk
Betty, Thanks for the link to OpenDNS. It looks very interesting. Jim A few weeks ago I requested DNS services that work better than the ones I'm using. Thank Fred Holmes and John de Carlo, since they suggested OpenDNS to me on the list first, recently anyway. I wouldn't use the

Re: [CGUYS] first iMac question ug Vista

2007-09-24 Thread b_s-wilk
New flavor: Genuine Windows® Vista Home Premium Shipped with new Compaq notebook. What's the difference? Maybe if we got Vista Ultimate it would have taken less than a week to get online with wireless. Choose your flavor


2007-09-24 Thread b_s-wilk
Constance Warner [EMAIL PROTECTED] escribió: It's not just health care. As I see it, the underlying question is: do we, as citizens, want a system in which the highest ethical value is making more money, down to the last penny, no matter what else is lost in the process? Especially when some

Re: [CGUYS] One laptop per child: give one and get one

2007-09-24 Thread b_s-wilk
Nicholas Negroponte, head of the MIT Media Lab started the OLPC project Wired Magazine had a couple of stories about this in 2005 when the project was fairly new,, photo,

[CGUYS] India outsourcing tech jobs

2007-09-26 Thread b_s-wilk
Outsourcing Works, So India Is Exporting Jobs By ANAND GIRIDHARADAS Published: September 25, 2007 MYSORE, India --- Thousands of Indians report to Infosys Technologies' campus here to learn the finer points of programming. Lately, though, packs of foreigners have been roaming the manicured

Re: [CGUYS] MacMini: [Was: XP Gets Life Extension]

2007-09-30 Thread b_s-wilk
Backup device will arrive in a few weeks - Randy [EMAIL PROTECTED] escribió: Well, sounds like Macs would be perfectly suited to build in a back up device (or provide an external one) to make backing up as easy and automatic as

Re: [CGUYS] Rename the List?

2007-09-30 Thread b_s-wilk
Randy [EMAIL PROTECTED] excribió: I'm thinking of something like this: when a person is curious or has aquestion about something they can go out in the world - to other persons, the internet, a book, database, etc. - and acquire new information, which would then answer their question or

Re: [CGUYS] OT:Cell phone do not call

2007-10-03 Thread b_s-wilk
Cell phone numbers are recycled, more often for PAYGO. So if the person who gave up the number when they didn't bother to refill their card doesn't tell friends, etc., that the number isn't theirs any more, you will likely get their number with your new phone and their unwanted phone calls. If

Re: [CGUYS] Acrobat .pdf file durability (was Oddball)

2007-10-03 Thread b_s-wilk
As one who uses several different languages in my work [and play], I've memorized most of the keyboard combinations for special symbols, accents, umlauts, etc. I still use the old Key Caps to find what I need quickly, and I have a chart, too. When you create a document in Acrobat, there are a

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