Re: Webmail

2007-12-14 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Can anyone who had experience running a web-based e-mail give suggestion what package to use? I will only use it for study purpose, so I need one that easy to configure and help me understand the big picture about mailserver.. Thank you very much.. Roundcube is pretty slick... acts more like

How to stop screen from resizing my window??

2007-12-03 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Hi all - I connect to a FreeBSD server from OSX (via iTerm). I then start up screen. And it resizes my windows to 80 characters wide. This doesn't happen on linux. My understanding is this has something to do with the termcap entry and 'WS', but as far as I can tell that isn't being set

Re: How to stop screen from resizing my window??

2007-12-03 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I connect to a FreeBSD server from OSX (via iTerm). I then start up screen. And it resizes my windows to 80 characters wide. This doesn't happen on linux. My understanding is this has something to do with the termcap entry and 'WS', but as far as I can tell that isn't being set anywhere.

Re: vim doesn't preserve the terminal content

2007-11-02 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I use vim both on Linux and FreeBSD. On Linux after I exit vim original screen content is restored. On FreeBSD vim leaves the last content viewed in vim. How do I make vim preserve the screen? I don't know how to do that, but it is one Lunix (bash?) feature that I hate and would like to know

Re: BASH as root shell (static linking)

2007-10-05 Thread Philip Hallstrom
On 06/10/2007, at 5:45 AM, RW wrote: On Sat, 6 Oct 2007 04:54:26 +1000 Jerahmy Pocott [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I'm wanting to use BASH as my root shell, so I compiled a statically linked I would suggest using bash as your toor shell instead. toor exist precisely for this purpose.

Re: question about Postfix

2007-10-02 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I have a quick question about Postfix. When I install Free BSD and have it include Postfix from packages, does the install process completely replace Sendmail with Postfix, or do I still have to replace Sendmail with Postfix separately? Thanks in advance Jeff K The package install of postfix

Re: best spam filter port(s) for postfix?

2007-10-01 Thread Philip Hallstrom
By far the best anti-spam tool I've used with Postfix is policyd-weight. mail/postfix-policyd-weight Agreed. +1. Me too. :) ___ mailing list To unsubscribe,

Re: Sharing application jail and host?

2007-09-25 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Hi freebsd gurus, I'm playing with jail setup and wanted to provide a virtual server to my external remote users to login by ssh and run a couple of applications. Do I need to install the application using the ports in the jail itself or can I just install the application in the host

Re: Running process on startup as a user

2007-09-13 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Using FreeBSD 6.2 x86. I have a script called: /home/foo/scripts/ The user is 'foo'. The password is 'bar'. What I'm trying to do is run the command on startup (that way if the box reboots, then this users process also re-starts it's self). thoughts? Create a

Re: wildcard usage in fetch

2007-08-21 Thread Philip Hallstrom
fetch -avrpAFU ftp://loginid:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/IDX/ActivePhotos/*/*.* The /*/ directory is 2 positions in size and contains 00 through 99 as directory names. The *.* means all files in this directory. When I execute this I get logged in but get file not found or not available error message. Is

Re: Seeking recommendation for anti-spam software

2007-06-06 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I am running a mail server using Postfix and Dovecot. I would like to hear people's recommendation for which port to use to add server side anti-spam. The problem these days is a richness of choices, so it's hard to know port which to try. And call it a quirk of mine, but I really dislike

Re: Mail Switcher

2007-04-23 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Does anyone have any ideas on how I would solve the following problem? I have two mail servers. One is running cyrus imap and the other courier. I am in the process of moving users over one at a time and would like to put some kind of proxy box in front of the mail servers. I would like to

RE: Anti Spam

2007-04-20 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Also look into postfix along with policyd-weight ( That's all I use and I probably get about 2 spam a day... I used to get 40-50... in a nutshell it checks multiple dnsbls and uses a scoring system to block it before you ever get the message body. And it

Re: Code beautification and/or printing utilities that are not part of an editor

2007-04-19 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Another question for everyone. Are there any programs, hopefully available in the ports, that one can use to print source code files to a printer (or create as a postscript file)? I'd like something that I can feed a C++ program, have it parse through the code, print line numbers to the left of

Re: diagnosing a reacurring system freeze

2007-02-15 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I've been running FreeBSD 6.2 on a computer as a gateway for my (very small) local area network. Every two weeks since I've got it up and running, it will completely lock up, seemingly randomly. I would love to investigate the root of the problem, but I'm not exactly sure where to start. I'm

Re: Low-cost dedicated FreeBSD server or non-jail VPS?

2007-02-08 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I'm looking to rent a low-cost FreeBSD dedicated server or VPS with root access. For a VPS, I realize this is really psuedo-root access. I once rented a VPS on a FreeBSD box that was split into virtual boxes using jail, but wasn't happy with it. So, if it's not a dedicated box, I'm looking for

Re: One hurdle left to switch

2007-02-06 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I'm chafing at the bit to get rid of Windows at home and move to FreeBSD. I've even got my wife convinced that she wouldn't have any more problems with KDE than she presently has with Windows. (Reality is she'd have less!) There's just one problem. I can use gnucash to do my finances, but

Re: Sorta OT - Backup solutions Mac to FreeBSD

2007-01-26 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Hello all, I have been poking around the 'Net a bit looking for an easy to use backup solution for our Mac's (1 mini, 1 powerbook, more in the future). Basically there is a server, offsite (FBSD 6.2) with 2 RAID 5 arrays. I would like to be able to set the 2 (for now) clients to automatically,

Re: Messy ports, how to clean them up?

2007-01-25 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Well, I use portsnap and portupgrade on a regular basis and therefore I could watch very often the rebuild of ports - a nice and neat thing of FreeBSD. Bit sometimes I or someone else installs ports an they install dependencies and then he/she or I decide to kill/delete a specific port, but very

Re: apache22: not found

2007-01-15 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I just installed memcached from /usr/ports/databases/memcached When I try to run the shell scrip: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ I get an error message saying apache22: not found I can still start the deamon using /usr/local/bin/memcached -d Does someone knows how to fix this ? it's

Re: binary called top not have realtime filter/search? [#SHAZBOTAA7235423352662A]

2007-01-12 Thread Philip Hallstrom
On 2007-01-12 14:02, Peter aka SweetPete [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I've red the manpage for top (from heh heh top to bottom...), and I am amazed that there is not a feature to hit '/' or '?' in order to search and display only processes which match a certain keyword/search term. For example, a

Re: Jail

2006-12-13 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Can I use postfix/courier-imap in a jail ? (without any patch of-course, with and without chroot) Yes for postfix... I do it now. I would assume courier-imap would work as well. The only apps that won't work are ones that rely on ICMP (like nagios trying to ping servers).

Re: freebsd jails

2006-12-07 Thread Philip Hallstrom
On Thursday 07 December 2006 10:18, Greg Barniskis wrote: Denzil Kelly wrote: I need to implement web content filtering using squidguard and/or dansguardian for several locations. Each site has different filtering requirements. I want to know if it is possible to do this using a jail for each

Re: Moving /var/mail

2006-12-01 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I want to move /var/mail to /usr/var/mail, then symlink /var/mail to /usr/var/mail to free up space on my (too small on this machine) /var. Of course, I wish to maintain file permissions, ownerships, etc. I decided to try a dry run using a user home directory first to make sure this would work

Re: Best laptop for Freebsd

2006-11-16 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Is there any one model or product that would be better for Freebsd 6 (as this is my day in day out operating system). Any experiences and or advise would be much appreciated. I'd suggest you do NOT buy a Sony VAIO. The basic stuff works - like the screen, harddisk and keyboard - even

Re: Apache log rotation question...

2006-11-03 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I'm wondering if I can safely use newsyslog with a newsyslog.conf with these lines in it: I don't know the answer to your question, but you might look at cronolog... /var/log/httpd/access_log/*644 1 *

Re: How much space for

2006-10-30 Thread Philip Hallstrom
If I was to ask how much online storage space is required for to hold _everything_ and then add in the kitchen sink, how much space would that be. Who are the admins of the ftp heiarchy these days? This might be useful...

Re: [OT] a mysql question

2006-10-24 Thread Philip Hallstrom
typical OT thread apologies, but the truth *really* is that this is the best and most intelligent list i read. so... You're really going to get better answers from the mysql lists... really. :) i use veritas netbackup 5.1 to backup my bsd machines, and i would like to restore some mysql

Re: musicpd kld sound

2006-10-20 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I have an issue w/ mpd starting (trying to, anyway) before the kld for sound loads up, which causes mpd to fail loading . . then I have to start mpd at the command line. I would like to set up sound in the kernel, but I have Aureal 8810 based sound on the MB and don't see a driver to use in

Re: musicpd kld sound

2006-10-20 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I have an issue w/ mpd starting (trying to, anyway) before the kld for sound loads up, which causes mpd to fail loading . . then I have to start mpd at the command line. I would like to set up sound in the kernel, but I have Aureal 8810 based sound on the MB and don't see a driver to use in

Re: having more than one process write to one log

2006-10-19 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I will appreciate your advice. Is it possible and *safe* to allow two different processes (dovecot and exim) to write to one log? Better not do it? I would like to have both data in one log but... don't want to cause problems. I don't think Windows would allow it. How about FBSD? fopen()

Re: tools for network traffic accounting

2006-10-05 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I would like to configure a monthly report of the incoming and outgoing amount of traffic on the network interface of my server, for instance in the monthly run output. Can I do this with a built in program of FreeBSD 6.0 or do I need a port? If you just wanted a total count and run ipfw (or

Re: sshd stalling upon login

2006-10-04 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I just built some new FreeBSD servers, and I am trying to log into one of them via sshd. I am finding that the is a lag between the connection and receiving a prompt. most likely this is because the IP address I am coming from does not resolve. But I am able to log into other servers via

Re: Virtual Users sharing main account

2006-10-04 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I doubt if this is possible; however, I thought I would inquire anyway. Assuming a domain name of '', we want to add a group of users who could send and receive mail using this domain name; however, we do not want to give them shell accounts. They would access the system simply to

Re: no specifc dhcpd port found

2006-10-04 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I am unable to find the dhcpd port in /usr/ports where should I be looking? /usr/ports/net/isc-dhcp3-server/ cheer,s Noah # find /usr/ports -name dhcp\* /usr/ports/net/dhcp-agent /usr/ports/net/dhcp6 /usr/ports/net/dhcp6/files/ /usr/ports/net/dhcp6/files/

Re: sendmail won't start

2006-10-03 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I modified my local file to add support for spamhaus. After I compilied the file, sendmail won't start. What am I doing wrong here? You have this: FEATURE(dnsbl, '', 'Rejected - see') You want this: FEATURE(dnsbl,

Re: Strange cron behavior

2006-10-03 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I'm having a hard time getting cron to run a task. I've run crontab -e (as root), and added the following line: 12 * * * * /usr/local/bin/mirror_ubuntu This script runs from teh command line. Now I've seen plenty of strange beahviour because of the limited environment cron tasks get, but a

Re: Restore OS user, help!!!

2006-09-27 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I've installed a new freeBSD server and my question is if I copy the /home/* files and /etc/passwd file, then I restart it, the server assume all the users declared into the passwd file or should I do something else? You'll also want to copy over... /etc/group /etc/master.passwd /etc/spwd.db

Re: Best way to renice a process by name?

2006-09-26 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I'm working with a machine that's operating as a NAT router and recursive DNS resolver and is also running the Squid disk cache. Squid, in turn, spawns the diskd daemon, which does disk accesses on behalf of Squid. When Squid spawns diskd, it gives it a priority level 6 greater than itself. In

Re: Syslog: all except?

2006-09-14 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Is it possible to tell syslog to log everything *except* some facility? I have a very noisy service (openldap) that I don't want to log into my all.log; but I still want all.log to catch everything else. Something like this maybe? *.*,!local4.* all.log *.*,local4.none all.log

Re: CLI text editor recommendation

2006-09-13 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I need a CLI text editor I can use over ssh, which does NOT append newlines to the end of files as I save them. I am using this to edit PHP files, and my PHP doesn't like newlines outside the last ?. ee and vi both do so, I tried nano which also does the same. I haven't installed emacs to try

Re: Any issue having multiple sound cards running at the same time in 6.1?

2006-08-30 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I've got a freebsd server in the garage that has a low end soundblaster (I think) card in it that I've been using to play music. Works just fine. We moved and now I'd like to be able to have different music play in different rooms (living, family, and outside). I can do all the other wiring for

Re: php5/mysql5

2006-08-30 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Production server is running apache13/php4/mysql4. Have fresh 6.1 install on workbench PC. Workbench PC is being used to build apache13/php5/mysql51 environment for working php web application writing and reading mysql database. Installed mysql51-server then php5 and made sure make config had

Any issue having multiple sound cards running at the same time in 6.1?

2006-08-29 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Hi all - I've got a freebsd server in the garage that has a low end soundblaster (I think) card in it that I've been using to play music. Works just fine. We moved and now I'd like to be able to have different music play in different rooms (living, family, and outside). I can do all the

Re: freebsd-specific postfix antispam howto

2006-08-28 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Hello, Does anyone have any information on this? I've googled and have found a lot of information for Linux and even an OpenBSD howto, but i am looking for something freebsd-specific, preferably fbsd6. I'm having issues getting all the services, amavisd-new configured/starting up properly

Does QUOTA work for users not in /etc/password (ie. by UID?)

2006-08-28 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Hi all - I was looking at implementing QUOTA for a server, but all of our users are stored in a database (ftp/pop/imap authenticates against the db). They each have their own uid's though so the files are owned individually. I would think file system quotas would work for this, but from the

Re: rubygems in ports

2006-08-25 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I've been meaning to ask this for a while... what is the motivation for including individual Ruby gems in ports? It strikes me as unnecessary duplication, as the gem tool works well on its own, even for gems with C code. Are there many gems with FreeBSD-specific extensions or dependencies? And

Re: Cluster mail system using FreeBSD

2006-08-23 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I am looking for the best possible solution in order to setup a High availability mail cluster using FreeBSD (smtp/imap/pop server with 1000 accounts). Selected software are as followed : --- - Postfix - Amavisd-new - SpamAssassin - Courier Imap - DCC-DCCD -

RE: New Web Server

2006-08-10 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Ok, I just tried that, and it wants to open index.php with a text editor. It is acting like Apache does not know how to handle a *.php file. In my httpd conf, says to add LoadMudule and AddMudule statements. Are those still needed? I believe so... unless you've built it

RE: New Web Server

2006-08-10 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Language (Apache Module and CLI) RC -Original Message- From: Philip Hallstrom [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2006 11:37 AM To: Clark, Ronald Cc: Javier Henderson; [EMAIL PROTECTED]; Subject: RE: New Web Server Ok, I just tried

RE: New Web Server

2006-08-10 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I have started over. I am back to this level: FreeBSD 5.5-STABLE FreeBSD 5.5-STABLE #0: Tue Aug 1 17:59:18 CDT 2006 With MySQL server 4.1 installed and working. Now to build Apache13-modssl and hopefully add PHP to it. However, I cannot find mod_php5 in ports. Is this port deprecated and is now

Re: FreeBSD as a VPN Server/Router

2006-08-09 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I am going to venture into the field of the security gurus so help me God! It looks like I am gonna get stuck in wet cement, I can feel it;) I have two sites, siteA and siteB. Each site has a horde of Windows PCs behind a FreeBSD box, which acts as a firewall/router/proxy/everything:) Each site

Re: Low-cost, FreeBSD-compatible notebook

2006-08-09 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I am looking into buying a cheap notebook computer (sub $800, the cheaper the better). I have been playing around with FreeBSD for the last few months and have decided to make it my sole OS, so I really want a notebook that's as FreeBSD-compatible as possible. I know ThinkPad's the best for

Re: Changing root's shell

2006-08-08 Thread Philip Hallstrom
so it seems changed root login's shell to /usr/bin/bash which doesn't exist. now I can't login to root at all. Oh yes, sudo isn't installed. How would you grand masters of FreeBSD fix my embarrasing mistake. Boot into single user mode, then vipw the password file and change it back.

Re: Stand up and be counted - BSDStats Project

2006-08-03 Thread Philip Hallstrom
pciconf -lv needs to be parsed, this being the hard step, into a string that can be sent via HTTP ... this is the hard part because it has to be done as/in a shell script ... anyone out there *really* good at shell programming? What needs to happen is: [EMAIL PROTECTED]:0:2: class=0x060400

Re: Reducing the timeout on a TCP connection

2006-08-01 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I'm writing some monitoring scripts, and I'm having some trouble because the TCP seems to wait 90 seconds before giving up on initiating a connection. (The script is in PHP, testing a PostgreSQL database. Neither PHP nor libpq (which PHP's PostgreSQL support is based on) seem to have any

Re: Virtual Private Servers???

2006-07-25 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Ok, I'm a FreeBSD guy. Recently I moved into another company. All of their servers runs Linux. For my first assignment, I need to have a comparison between various Linux Virtualizations. So far I came up with Virtuozzo/OpenVZ, Xen, UML, Linux-Vserver. As far as I can understand, all of them are

Re: Subversion web development question.

2006-07-24 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Forgive me if this question is stupid or has been answered before, more than likely this info exists, but I'm not looking in the right place. I work in a I'd recommend searching the subversion mailing lists as well. It's been covered, but it's not stupid :) small corporation that is

Re: Subversion web development question.

2006-07-24 Thread Philip Hallstrom
At this point you can manage your files on your workstation and immediately check your results. Then when happy, you can commit your changes with SVN and they get committed to the repository. You don't need subversion to move files into your web tree. That's not what it does. Fair

Re: Subversion web development question.

2006-07-24 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Why would you need to be root? Here's what we do at work: Because /usr/local/www/apache22/data is owned by root. I guess I mistakenly figured that this is where the files should go. I know that you can configure Apache to point to any directory, but was unsure of the consequences of

Re: IMAP server alternatives

2006-07-13 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I tried to install cyrus-imapd, courier-imapd and dovecot, in this order. :-) Dovecot has my preference. I could install it in a few minutes, and it was very easy to configure. At least it is easier than courier, for me. :-) One thing to note here, and I've never looked into dovecot, so maybe

Re: Simple DNS For Private LAN

2006-06-23 Thread Philip Hallstrom
If you're getting a static IP, then you can become master for your domain, but you'll still need a secondary NS, and most (if not all) registrars will require that the secondary NS be on a different IP. I Don't know about the others, but dotster doesn't care. My domain is one box, 5 IP's.

Re: rsync errors

2006-05-28 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I have rsync installed on 2 6.1-RELEASE boxes on my home lan. I want to sync the webserver (curly) to the backup server (moe). When I run rsync on moe, I get the following: $ rsync -avz curly:/usr/local/etc/apache22/httpd.conf /usr/local/etc/apache22 Password: receiving file list ... done

Re: VM and jailed processes

2006-05-14 Thread Philip Hallstrom
It's my understanding that if there is more than one instance of a specific application running, then portions of the code are shared in memory. I would assume that would apply to dynamically linked applications as well; i.e. if two different applications are linked against the same library, the

Re: limit bandwidth 'make fetch'

2006-05-11 Thread Philip Hallstrom
On 5/10/06, Philip Hallstrom [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: how i can limit bandwidth when i using 'make fetch' (make install in Ports)? I wrote a patch to fetch awhile back that does exactly this. That was with 4.x, but it might apply cleanly in 6. I ended up not using it, well cause once I had

Re: Intelligent way of dealing with dependancies in ports

2006-05-11 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I'm rather tired of having to update firefox port due security fixes and then having to build the new versions of glib, expat, and so on an so on, every one of which complains that tere are older versions of the lib installed. I've tried pkg_delete -f and install of the newer version, but then

Re: Copying a file system w/ tar - symbolic links not copied right - More info

2006-05-11 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Hi all... Ok... More info for the puzzle. I'm trying to move a file system from one disk to another, and when I do this: tar cf - /source/* | ( cd /destination tar xfv - ) It copies all the files, but the symbolic links are copied as files of 0 length, rather than re-established as

RE: Copying a file system w/ tar - symbolic links not copied right - More info

2006-05-11 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Of Philip Hallstrom Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2006 10:35 AM To: Don O'Neil Cc: Subject: Re: Copying a file system w/ tar - symbolic links not copied right - More info Hi all... Ok... More info for the puzzle. I'm trying to move a file system from one disk to another

Re: limit bandwidth 'make fetch'

2006-05-10 Thread Philip Hallstrom
how i can limit bandwidth when i using 'make fetch' (make install in Ports)? I wrote a patch to fetch awhile back that does exactly this. That was with 4.x, but it might apply cleanly in 6. I ended up not using it, well cause once I had everything installed it didn't seem to matter so much.

Re: jails or chroot?

2006-05-09 Thread Philip Hallstrom
With the inclusion of mergemaster -u subsequent base system upgrades are much less painful. Using null mounts for the common areas should lessen the version sync issues. Once unionfs is stable again, you could just use one jail as a base image and allow the others to be cloned off of that.

Re: FTPd recommendation?

2006-05-04 Thread Philip Hallstrom
What are people using for their ftpd these days? I am looking for something easy to initiailize, configure, and is very secure. pure-ftpd I've got it set up with my own SSL cert and dissallow plain text FTP. You can also configure it to use completely

Re: file system full

2006-05-04 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Hi all, My /var is fully 99%, because I create one tar.gz of the squid logs. I was move for smbfs, then network die!!! I try: rm -rf file.tar.gz and don't have more free space oon the file system. Somebody help me? Also, be sure that no process (ie. squid, syslog, etc.) still has

Re: backup system rsync - dump

2006-05-03 Thread Philip Hallstrom
With the right settings of --backup --backup-dir you can easily create a week (or two or three or whatever) archive of the daily changed files. So, for example.. /backup/usr - contains identical copy /backup/dailys/usr/Mon - contains files that changed on /usr on Monday. Then just set things

Re: backup system rsync - dump

2006-05-02 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I have two disks; one is the fbsd system drive, the other is for backup purposes. I'm in doubt about what to use: dump or rsync I guess I can do something like: mount /dev/ad1s3a /backup/root mount /dev/ad1s3d /backup/var mount /dev/ad1s3f /backup/usr /usr/local/bin/rsync -avHxS --delete /usr

Re: server rebuilds and disaster recovery

2006-04-28 Thread Philip Hallstrom
this weekend, im going to have to rebuild my 6.0 server in order to recover from a faulty disk (i have to eliminate a RAID1 array, and break rebuild the RAID5 with one more disk). all my daemons and whatnot, im pretty good at recovering. sendmail, apache, mysql, etc, shouldnt be a problem.

Re: PHP5 Compile Problems

2006-04-26 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I'm currently trying to run: make CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--with-pcre-regex \ CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--enable-fastcgi \ CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--enable-force-cgi-redirect However, every time I run the command, I get an error about a problem with apache13. But I do not want to install apache, because I plan to use

Simluating a satellite connection using dummynet?

2006-04-22 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Hi all - Odd question for you. I have the opportunity to work from home, but it would require using a sat internet connection (no cable or dsl anywhere close). I've been reading up on it and best I can tell I'm looking at 1000ms round trips... at *best*. Most of what I do I can do on

Re: mailgraph install on Freebsd 5.4 help

2006-04-14 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I went and installed the mailgraph-1.12_1 from a newly cvsup'd ports collection installed fine BUT im running into to things when i try to start mailgraph from the rc scripts this is what i get loqtis# cd /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ loqtis# ./ start net.inet.tcp.blackhole: 2 - 2

Re: web / php based collaboration

2006-04-08 Thread Philip Hallstrom
This might be a little off the exact topic of this list, so I ask your patience in advance. I am looking for collaboration software that is PHP based and has the following features: 1 - Ease of config Maint. 2 - E-Mail 3 - Work Flow 4 - Contact management 5 - Task List

Re: Apache config question

2006-03-29 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Greetings, I have a Freebsd 6.0-Release system that I just installed. I have installed Apache 1.3.33 from the ports system. I can see the index.html file when I point my browser to the server. What I can't do is : browse to : http://server/cgi-bin/cscripts/myscript.cgi I get a 404 Not found.

Re: Why are so many people using 4.x?

2006-03-28 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I notice a lot of references to version 4.x. Is there any overwhelming reason why its use seems to be still popular. I'm wanting to set up a server (just for play) on my home network using a PII machine. Am I better off using an older version for such old equipment? If so, do any particular

Re: Cheap FreeBSD hosting?

2006-03-24 Thread Philip Hallstrom
On Fri, 24 Mar 2006, RJ wrote: I've got their L2-AMD-BARTON-3000-A (with a scsi drive)... they've been great for me so far... % uname -a FreeBSD 6.0-STABLE FreeBSD 6.0-STABLE #1: Wed Jan 25 11:10:27 CST 2006 [EMAIL

Re: php dependency hell

2006-03-22 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I'm trying to install Cacti, and it builds and installs fine. But, it's looking for the php command-line binary as well, which the port did not pull in for some reason. So, I go to build php-cli, and install it. [EMAIL PROTECTED] php4-cli]$ sudo make install === Installing for

Re: How to Stop Bruit Force ssh Attempts?

2006-03-18 Thread Philip Hallstrom
In my auth log I see alot of bruit force attempts to login via ssh. Is there a way I can have the box automatically kill any tcp/ip connectivity to hosts that try and fail a given number of times? Is there a port or something that I can install to give this kind of protection. I'm still kind

Re: System administration question

2006-03-18 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Is there a port or utility that allows you to monitor system stats by (either interactively or periodically) reading the various stat utilities (fstat, iostat, pstat or swapinfo, systat, top, vmstat, etc.) and sending a report to root that summarizes system condition? if you want graphs (of

Re: Packets v.s. Bytes

2006-03-13 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Dear list, `netstat -i' returns _packets_, how can I get statistics using _bytes_? Any suggestions or hints? Thanks! netstat -i -b ___ mailing list To

Re: Jails third party services initialization

2006-03-10 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this subject, but here it goes. I've been using ezjail tool to deploy some jails on a server but I've noticed that the /usr/local/etc/rc.d/* scripts aren't executed at each jail startup, despite all jails are started normally. On the other hand, the

Re: To track or not to track

2006-03-08 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I just wanted to get pros and cons for tracking the whole port tree on a production server. Any opinions? Tracking it isn't going to take a lot of space. Although if it's a serious production server (as opposed to my home production server :-) I don't know if I'd install ports on it before

Re: /usr/local/etc/rc.d not running for jail

2006-03-08 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I have a jail, running in FreeBSD 6, which starts sshd and syslogd, but doesn't start any of the programs from /usr/local/etc/rc.d All the appropriate variables are in /etc/rc.conf for the various programs (postfix, spamd, clamsmtp, freshclam). I am able to run the programs manually by

Re: coming back up after power failure (UPS)

2006-03-08 Thread Philip Hallstrom
On an updated 5.4 box I am using Network UPS Tools (NUT) with an APC Smart-UPS. All is going very well but I cannot bring my box back up after simulating a power failure. At the end of the shutdown the screen shows: Press any key to reboot Obviously this is not the desired outcome. How can I

Re: deleting files not releasing space

2006-03-08 Thread Philip Hallstrom
i just deleted 100 megs of files out of my temp dir and df -h doesn't show the space freed yet. it has done this in the past and a reboot will always give me my space back, but why doesn't it do it immediatly?

Re: question on leaf ports

2006-03-02 Thread Philip Hallstrom
On 3/2/06, Peter [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi gang. Does a leaf port have no build dependants or no run dependants? I want to be assured that I can remove a leaf port but not have to put it back in order to upgrade another port. Utilities such as portmaster show leaf ports and I'm not sure

Re: Trying to build for apache 2 not apache 1

2006-03-01 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I am having trouble installing a port/package because it wants to use Apache 1.3 whereas I am running Apache 2 on the server in question. As far as I can tell, I should install by building the port rather than using the package because the package is obviously pre-compiled for Apache 1.3.

Re: limiting brute force attacks

2006-02-28 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I've seen some efforts from the netfilter community on Linux to provide a means to limit brute-force attacks via firewall rules. Can anyone suggest a way to do the same on FreeBSD? I'm primarily interested in limiting attacks on sshd. I already use RSA auth, but I like defense-in-depth.

RE: Odd file created in /

2006-02-18 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Check to see if anything has it open currently. netstat -a -f unix will do that for you. Then rename it. Then wait a week before unlinking it. Ceri Nothing had it open. Took me a second to figure out the -- option so that mv would rename it. :) How do I unlink it? unlink is another way

Re: pop3 server recommendation (APOP/TLS)

2006-02-16 Thread Philip Hallstrom
John wrote: On Wed, Feb 15, 2006 at 06:08:10AM -0600, J.D. Bronson wrote: I am looking for a recommendation for a pop3 server that can do APOP and TLS on port 110. Qpopper was a disaster and I am not interested in cyrus (and dealing with maildirs)... Is there any other option? Qpopper

Re: Blocking an individual email address

2006-02-15 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I am running a FreeBSD 5.4p10 machine at my office. It functions as our firewall and mailserver. I am running Mailscanner, which invokes sendmail when necessary to process mail. Sendmail is not started by defaultMailscanner invokes individual instances of it when it needs to. Here is

Re: horde on freebsd6

2006-02-13 Thread Philip Hallstrom
Hello, I've got php4 and apache installed on freebsd6 with several php4 extensions. Now i want to install horde and imp to test them out while atempting to decide if horde would be suitable as a webmail solution. I try the install via ports, but pear always stops saying the port requires the

Re: incorrect logins

2006-02-11 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I see many records as Feb 10 21:08:55 sstand sshd[84600]: Failed password for root from port 46356 ssh2 How can i block these IP, who try root as login? Have any soft in ports? There are some ports that do it. One thing I didn't like about the ports (at least the ones I

Re: IP Banning (Using IPFW)

2006-02-05 Thread Philip Hallstrom
I was wondering if there's some sort of port available that can actively ban IPs that try and bruteforce a service such as SSH or Telnet, by scanning the /var/log/auth.log log for Regex such as Illegal User or LOGIN FAILURES, and then using IPFW to essentially deny (ban) that IP for a certain

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